Work with us: FySelf legal agreements

The FySelf Business Model, among them FySelf legal agreements provides options for both Users and Companies or institutions of any nature, acting as a legal entity to become a Client of FySelf or simply as a User of the platform.

According to the type or combination of services you wish to request, you will sign a Client contract. After that you will be able to create a workspace for your organization or company.

As a User, you will accept the Terms and Conditions of use and act in accordance to them.

We want to include you in our team. Learn more about FySelf Legal Agreements that we have in place. Don’t delay in starting to work with us.

Legal notices of FySelf

Users. Terms and conditions of use

Our Users must accept the Privacy Agreement, accompanied by the Terms and Conditions of Use between it and the platform. This acts legally as a contract accepted by the Users in relation to their performance within the platform and the accessory applications.

The Privacy Agreement includes everything related to the use of personal information. What is stipulated there is based on current legislation and the rules that we have created. Is important to realize that our main aim is to give you as a User control over your personal data.

This legal documentation provides you with a glossary of terms, as well as those rules, conditions and requirements that you must comply with in the role of User. In addition, it sets out the reachable categories and the ways in which you can receive the remuneration in Leaves. The free services’ limits are also there, as well as those specialized that you can receive as a Client. You can also know the means of payment available on FySelf.

Selling Logger or Registrar Contract

The FySelf Contract with the Logger (Registrar-Seller) is a complementary contract, which FySelf signs with Users who had reached the category of Certified Logger and who has decided to work using the platform and its applications as a means to such end.

In our article on Loggers we commented that all Users can choose this category, which allows them to act as an independent seller who shares the benefits of FySelf and its services among people.

To become a Logger Seller you need to achieve a reputation value determined by our company for each stage. After receiving the notification and passing an accreditation course, you can dedicate time to earn money working with FySelf.

Sales & Logger Office

You can accredit the Sales & Logger Office category in the country where the company resides or as a self-employed worker. This will allow you to hire other people. It is even possible to create a physical space with real workstations or simply develop everything in a virtual way.

The Sales & Logger Office must sign a License agreement with FySelf OÜ on the use of our brand. This basically allows them to use the FySelf identity, as well as the promotional and advertising supports of our platform. For this, it will be necessary to comply with the design standards that we specify in our FySelf Identity Manual, as well as in the Logger manuals and procedures on the use of the brand and everything concerning the intellectual property of FySelf.

Distribution Contract

This type of contract is designed for investors from all over the world who want to participate in the project. It is made effective through the purchase of a Concession in the form of an Exclusive Distribution Contract for a territory. We aspire that in each country there is an owner and representative of FySelf who ensures the development and implementation of the platform services according to the customs, language and idiosyncrasies of each country.

The payment fee for this Country Distributor Agreement must be in correspondence with the number of people, the level of development, as well as the potential Clients that that nation has.

Other Contracts or Agreements

In case you still cannot find the ideal option for you, our platform has also provided other agreements or contracts. These are as follows:

  • Sponsorship: Through FySelf you can sponsor different endeavors. For this option you must sign an agreement, whereby the sponsors receive the agreed compensation or recognition.
  • Donation: We invite natural and legal persons to contribute to the causes we defend. We believe in a technological world, with environmental protection and a Zero Waste mentality. Learn more about those efforts that motivate us to continue working.
  • Volunteering: Thinking about those same causes, we invite all those volunteers who want to join our platform as an active member, without expecting monetary remuneration.

FySelf is a plural platform. We want you to work, to benefit, and even to do philanthropic work with us. FySelf legal agreements can give you a good idea of it. We hope you will become part of our team.

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