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In FySelf Business, the Logger has a special place. These types of users are our company’s allies. They help us grow by promoting the services we offer.

Do you want to be a Logger? Would you like to work with us? In this article you will find all you need to know to be part of FySelf!

Who can become a Logger?

Loggers are users who have been selected to occupy the category of Registrar-Seller of FySelf’s services. This makes them a part of our services’ growth.

To be a Logger you must comply with the following requisites:

  1. Receive a notification from FySelf OÜ that you can apply for this category.
  2. Take an online training to become a Logger.
  3. Pass the Certification exam.
  4. Receive the Certificate that accredits you.

Who can receive the Logger notification?

Those users who have a given reputation level in FySelf, which is determined by their activity, registration and validation of data in the platform.

In selecting Loggers, age, profession and studies could also influence the decision.

What do you have to take to be a Logger?

If we notify that you can be one of our Loggers and you sign a contract, you will receive an online course. This training explains the policies, forms/standards and rules of the job, the use of brands and distinctive symbols, as well as confidentiality agreements, service types and prices, among other aspects.

After receiving the training and passing the exam you obtain an Accreditation Certificate as a FySelf Logger. You then have access to the Logger’s administration area.

It’s a company policy to incentivize Loggers to grow and reach high incomes. For this, we give them the best strategies created by our Directives at the Sales Division.

Logger’s actions

As a Logger, you can develop your activity in two basic ways: online or door-to-door. This means that you have the possibility to obtain clients online or just by simply visiting companies, organizations or institutions personally.

As a Logger you can grow by:

  1. Interest users to join FySelf because of the facilities we provide for their daily life.
  2. Create a Register and Sales Office. Once you reach a certain level of sales and need to hire additional people, you will have that option. For this, you only have to request an enlargement of the registry to FySelf OÜ. This way you will be able to hire anyone, even those without a Logger category, because those people will operate in your name. In this case, you receive an open account for a certain amount of employees previously identified within your own registry. You will also have the option of setting up your own office, be it virtually or physically.
  3. Attract investors. We offer the modality of Country License to investors that want to have FySelf’s exclusive license for a whole country. These investors would be the owners of FySelf in that country, managing sales through a company created just for that.
  4. Incorporate volunteer registers in the territory in which they have their offices or anywhere else in the world. For this, we have created the modality of Volunteer Logger Contract, to which users can access directly in the platform.
  5.  Motivate hundreds of international organizations to contribute for the development of our project. For that we have created two types of contracts: Sponsorship Contracts and Donation Contracts.

For your growth as a Logger in our platform the principles of our Business Model are applied, this model is called: “ADD & ADD”.

Benefits of a Logger

The work of a Logger is remunerated through 2 types of sales commissions:

  • One-off commission per sale without client follow-up: When closing the sales contract with the Client, you will receive an income which is basically a percentage of the value of the sale. This will be given once the sale and transfer has been completed.
  • Permanent Commission for lasting services to clients: The permanent job, serving clients for an agreed and contracted period. This type of commission is especially useful for services in which the client needs more than one technical assistance for a period of time. In both cases, the Logger receives bonuses only when the company receives the payments.
  • Registration Income: One way of making money directly as a Logger is by charging registration services to users in FySelf. In other words, the Logger introduces and/or updates an individual’s data, when required by the user. There could be a case when a client sees some usefulness in carrying out some processes with FySelf or simply on the network but they don’t want to put their data in the system. The company delimitates the maximum prices that someone can charge for registering, as well as the minimum amount of fields required. In this case, the Logger pay FySelf OÜ 50% of the value that they have charged the user for the registration.
  • Income from technical assistance to clients: This includes the Registration on the platform, but the Logger could also provide the selection of services, the creation of surveys, as well as the configuration of forms to guide the users.

We also want to make FySelf a collective work platform, where users are part of the team. If you can identify with our ideas and are motivated by the project, become a Logger and work with us!

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