Advances and Global Expansion in the Creation of Our Digital Twin: TwinH

At FySelf, we continue to lead the digital revolution with our innovative TwinH project, the “Digital Self” that not only simulates our personality and behavior, but also transcends physical and biological boundaries. Every day, more and more people around the world, from young to old and from all races and continents, are creating their own […]

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  • The Dawn of the Human Digital Twins: FySelf marks the beginning of a new era.

    At the confluence of science fiction and reality, the notion of creating a “human digital twin” has captured the collective imagination. Specialists, academics and technological visionaries have debated the possibility of digitizing our consciousness, our preferences and our essential selves. From Professor Schoenherr to Sandra Wachter of Oxford, the idea has been viewed with caution, […]

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  • FySelf´s TwinH and the European Virtual Human Twin Initiative.

    In a world where personalized care is becoming the gold standard in healthcare, the European Virtual Human Twin (VHT) initiative marks the beginning of a new era. Europe is betting big on innovation in digital health, with the aim of moving towards more efficient and personalized healthcare systems. Virtual human twins are already a reality […]

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  • Monetize Your Digital Identity

    In an increasingly digitized world, the concept of personal and economic value has undergone a significant evolution. This article highlights the key differences between the Leht project and other emerging economic models, highlighting how Leht offers a revolutionary approach that empowers individuals to capitalize on their most vital asset in the internet age: their digital […]

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  • Join the Digital Revolution: Become a Logger Office, FySelf’s No-Cost Franchisee

    At FySelf, we are redefining the future of digital identity and online social interaction. In order to expand our reach and strengthen our community, we present a unique opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs: the Logger Office, a franchise designed to lead the digital revolution at no cost to start making money. What is Logger Office? Logger […]

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  • FySelf: Innovation for Personalized Health Management

    The recent COVID-19 pandemic has unequivocally demonstrated the need for a universal and collaborative healthcare system. Faced with an unprecedented global challenge, the integration of efforts and the exchange of information between countries and research centers became fundamental pillars in the search for effective solutions. This health crisis has highlighted the deficiencies of our current […]

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  • The Urgent Need for a Universal Medical History

    In the current digital era, technology has radically transformed various aspects of our lives, and one of the most impacted sectors has been healthcare. The digitization of medical records has been a significant advancement, streamlining access to vital patient information. However, this progress brings with it a considerable challenge: the fragmentation of healthcare systems. In […]

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  • Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities at FySelf

    We have just launched the FySelf platform to the world after several years of effort, development and implementation. For this reason, the time has come to offer all honest people the opportunity to work using the tools provided by FySelf and the business model we offer in all modalities. FySelf stands out as the first […]

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  • AI trends for 2024

    Artificial intelligence (AI) stands as one of today’s most disruptive technologies. Its enormous potential to transform every aspect of our lives is expected to continue developing at an accelerating pace in the coming years. While being a revolutionary tool, its use demands a great deal of responsibility. The ethical dilemma arising from AI misuse could […]

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  • Zero Waste Packaging: An Industry on the Rise

    Zero Waste packaging is a worldwide trend. Learn more about how this industry, which does not produce leftover products, behaves

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