Leaves: the new coin that you don’t know yet

A social identity network is a platform that focuses on empowering the users in regard to the value of their personal data. FySelf is the first social identity network. To guarantee the incomes of any person in it, it created a new coin: The Leaves.

This technology is becoming more necessary in a context where people are aware of the value of their data. It is true that laws constantly evolve to back up the rights of the users. Nonetheless still many social medias are not acting in a transparent manner regarding personal information.

The value of the leaves is in resonance with the value of the personal data. If you want to know more about this subject, you can spare a few minutes to watch the following video.

How to earn leaves?

To earn them, you must have a FySelf account.

When you start filling in profiles and packages, interacting with the system will give you prizes in the form of Leaves. The ongoing validation that you do of the information of other users also tribute to accumulate leaves in your account.

The leaves can’t be lost, only spent, once you reach a certain category as user inside the platform.

This process occurs in a transparent way for the user, who will know in every moment how much he/she has accumulated. Even when the user does not have the minimum requisites to convert the Leaves into another resource like conventional money or like a service.

What are they for?

With them, you can ask for a service inside the platform. But one of its more appealing uses is changing them for “real money”. That conventional money will be obtained as a result of the transactions of user data done by FySelf and the users themselves.

Once a user reaches a certain category, you will be free to change your Leaves into money. For the first time, a social media makes it easy for user to achieve economic incomes derived from the use of their personal data.

Are Leaves only used in FySelf?

Yes, for now Leaves can only be acquired, used, spent and changed inside of FySelf’s platform and FySelf Business.

Anywhere inside the FySelf interface you’ll be able to see the amount of Leaves that you have. In the desktop version you’ll be able to keep them in check at all times.

Are the Leaves cryptocurrencies?

The Leaves have some of the cryptocurrency’s benefits:

  • It guarantees security because they don’t hold the information and value of an account in only one physical place. This is its main advantage in regard to the conventional bank accounts that only use one server to store personal and financial data of its clients.
  • All of the procedures are transparent to the users, who obtains Leaves while doing certain actions inside the web. Accumulating the value of their personal data until he/she decides to convert them to another resource like conventional money.

Nonetheless, no one can buy leaves like most cryptocurrencies, they are not even dependent on a market. They can’t be mined and its value is stable. The user only accumulates Leaves through the management that he himself does of his/her personal data, using FySelf as a tool in these management and transactions.

Do you still have any doubts?

The first social identity network is a new concept, that the FySelf team is putting together so that you can try it out. If you want to know more about how the platform works, we recommend you visit this other article from our blog:

And if what bothers you is the safety guarantee and the legal frameworks in which such a disruptive platform works, this post will be very helpful.

Accumulating Leaves can become a new type of income, associated to the value of one resource that belongs to you alone: your personal data.

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