Leht: the new coin that you don’t know yet

A social identity network is a platform focused on empowering the user with respect to the use of their personal data. FySelf is the first social identity network. To guarantee the income of any person there, a new currency will be created: the Leht.

This technology is increasingly necessary in a context where people are already aware of the value of their data, laws evolve to support users’ rights, but still many social networks do not act transparently with respect to the handling of personal information.

The value of the Leht is aligned with the value of personal data. So, if you want to deepen your understanding on this topic, perhaps you can spend a few minutes on the following video.


How to earn Leht?

To earn them, you must have a FySelf account.

As you fill out profiles and packages, your interaction with the system will give you rewards converted into Leht. The continuous validation you make of other users’ information also contributes to the accumulation of these coins in your account.

This process will occur transparently to the user, who will know at all times how much he/she has accumulated. Even when they do not have the minimum requirements to convert Leht into another resource of their interest, such as conventional money or services.

What are they for?

Leht are the reward that FySelf offers to its users.

With them you can request different services within the platform. But one of its most striking uses is to exchange them for real money, as a result of the transactions made by you and FySelf from the management of your personal data.

You will be free to exchange your Leht into euros or other currencies. For the first time, a social network makes it easy for users to earn money from transactions based on their personal data.

Are Leht only used in FySelf?

Yes, at the moment the Leht can only be acquired, used, spent and redeemed within FySelf and FySelf Business.

At any point in the FySelf interface, you will be able to see the total amount you own.

Are the Leht cryptocurrencies?

Yes, therefore, it provides the benefits of cryptocurrencies:

  • They guarantee security, because they do not trust the value of an account to a single physical location. That is their main advantage over conventional bank accounts that are located on a server to store the data and financial information of their customers.
  • The whole procedure is transparent to the user, who obtains Leht through actions within the web, accumulating the value of his personal data until he decides to convert it into some other resource, such as conventional money.

Do you still have any doubts?

The first social identity network is a novel concept that the FySelf team is developing for you to try out. If you want to know more about how this platform works, we recommend you visit this other blog article:


And if what bothers you is the safety guarantee and the legal frameworks in which such a disruptive platform works, this post will be very helpful.

Accumulating Leht can become a new type of income, associated to the value of one resource that belongs to you alone: your personal data.

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