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We have talked about the environmental component of FySelf in this blog before. We have emphasized the shared visions with the paperless and zero waste tendencies of our technological product in development. These tendencies are global movements, that join the fight for the reduction of paper and for the elimination of the wastes that don’t decompose.

“Zero Waste is one of the movements that makes the most noise. They want to bring awareness to the importance of generating the least possible residues. It’s an international tendency that promotes the philosophy of the 5 Rs: Reject, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot”, as marked by the Zero waste website that belongs to an online Spanish shop committed to this tendency.

The zero residue more than a movement is a healthier lifestyle, that impacts personal and global economy, for a better and less consumerist world. For those who bet on it are precisely whom I dedicate these lines to.

In the fight to take care of our planet, the environmental activists’ figure has a protagonist role. Some of which have become real leaders of change, those who are worth listening to. On this post, 5 names out of our Top 10 influencers on Zero Waste.

5 of 10 influencers who bet on a world with less waste:

Retrato de Bea Johnson
Bea Johnson advocates that it is possible to live without plastics.
Photo: Taken from Zero Waste Home

1. Bea Johnson

This French was the one that drove and gave this lifestyle a name, also known as Zero Waste. She has a blog that is solely dedicated to this topic: Zero Waste Home.

Is it possible to live without plastic? This is a good question to reflect upon and read her bestseller, available in 27 languages: Zero Residue at Home. She has taken her conferences about it all around 70 countries.

This recognized environmental activist has captured the attention of important international news media: CNN has said about her that she is: “The mother of the zero waste lifestyle movement”; The New York Times has affirmed that she is: “The Priestess of Waste-Free Living”, and Paris Match defined her as: “the new messiah of ecology”

Frase de Bea Johnson
Bea Johnson formula to reduce waste.
Source: Zero Waste Home
Kathryn Kellogg es fundadora del blog Going Zero Waste
Kathryn Kellogg believes that personal health is closely related to the well-being of the world.
Photo: Taken from his Twitter account

2. Kathryn Kellogg

She is the founder of the Going Zero Waste blog and author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste. Her story is very moving and inspiring because it all started when she was diagnosed with several breast tumors in her university life. Fortunately, they were benign!

That is one of those events in life that mark a before and after in a person. Kathryn started to worry about her lifestyle because of all that she consumed to alleviate the pain in her breast, which shouldn’t be operated on because of the high probability that the nodes would reappear.

She started her blog to help others improve their personal health, the planets’ health and to learn that their choices are important. “Ones’ health and well-being are intricately related to the planets’ health and well-being.”, affirms this special activist in her blog.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es kathryn_kellogg_cita_fyself.jpg
Kathryn Kellogg started her blog to help others improve their personal health.
Source: Going Zero Waste
Lauren Singer es una gran impulsora del zero waste
Laura Singer is one of the leaders of the zero waste movement.
Photo: Taken from his Twitter account

3. Lauren Singer

She is a promoter and leader of this movement, which she contributed to make popular through her blog Trash is For Tosser. She is founder of Package Free, a creative approach based on a world with less trash.

This young woman also created The Simply Co. inspired by her followers, with the goal of fabricating the most sustainable cleaning products of history: organic and vegan.

“The American Lauren Singer started to gain fame in an international scale, after offering a talk in the TEDx platform in May of 2015, moment in which she explained the changes she had introduced in her life to stop producing waste. Since then, she’s one of the well-known faces of the Zero Waste movement”, expressed the Vogue magazine.

Food wrap made with beeswax. Source: Package Free
Food wrap made with beeswax.
Source: Package Free
Rob Greenfield is an environmental activist. Photo: Taken from his Twitter account
Rob Greenfield is an environmental activist.
Photo: Taken from his Twitter account

4. Rob Greenfield

Rob is an environmental activist with an impressive labor towards a more sustainable and fair world. His great work is shown in his website with the creation of The Food Waste Fiasco. It’s a campaign that tries to end the waste of food and the hunger in the United States.

He has submerged in more than 2000 containers of garbage in this country to demonstrate how almost half of all the food is wasted and how this attempts against food safety. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of the man that founded the programs Community Fruit Tress, Free Seed Project and Gardens for The People; of the man that has spoken in more than 150 events in front of almost 20 000 people and that has been catalogue as “the Robin Hood of Modern Times”. Someone who has committed to living in a simple and sustainable way, to irradiate society with his example.

From aspiring to be a millionaire at his 30s, he became someone who donates his incomes to grassroots non-profit organizations. Rob has taught us that among many things, reducing is possible and that the personal and global benefit that you can accomplish is astonishing. “Live simply and you’ll live happy”, this is the phrase that heads its autobiography in his website.  

Rob with his bamboo bicycle
Rob has traveled the United States three times on a bamboo bicycle to send his message of sustainability and ecological life. Source: Rob Greenfield website.
Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg is the creator of the Friday For Future student movement.
Photo: Taken from his Twitter account

5. Greta Thunberg

This young girl, of only 17 years, born in Stockholm, Switzerland, has focused her efforts in the fight against global warming.

She is the creator of the student movement Friday For Future, that has transcended frontiers and received major environmental recognition at the UN “Champions of the Earth” for its “bold cry in favor of the climate action”. Even though we can’t place Greta exclusively inside of the Zero Waste movement, because her work is much broader and has been catalogued as an icon of the climate change fight. She has accomplished an impact in this international environmental tendency from her extensive network of followers. The fight for zero residue and against global warming without a doubt go hand in hand.

She was nominated to the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize and has also been nominated to the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, with the argument of having awoken the youth conscious about climate change. Her reach and impact have been such that she accumulates more than 4 million followers in her Twitter account and more than 10 million in Instagram, where she is very active with the labels: #climatestike, #fridaysforfuture and #schollstrike4climate.

This are 5 of the 10 influencers that I have selected for you. Keep on the watch for more of our posts to get to know them all. Comment if you think that there’s some environmental activist that shouldn’t be missing from the list…And if you are committed to this vision I invite you to share it in your social medias with the label #zerowaste.

FySelf also joins the fight in favor of Zero Waste. We are developing a universal solution that’ll be another grain of sand in this noble fight that we all must join forces for. Would you join the first social identity network?

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