10 Zero Waste influencers (II)

In the first part of this article, I mentioned 5 renowned environmental activists: Bea Johnson, Kathryn Kellogg, Lauren Singer, Rob Greenfield and Greta Thunberg. They have contributed with their great work to Zero Waste, which is a worldwide tendency that bets on Reject, Reduce, Reuse/Reutilize, Recycle and Rot, to which FySelf wants to contribute with the creation of a universal platform that allows the reduction of paper usage.

I’ll now share the names of 5 other influencers of the TOP 10 that I started last week.

5 Influencers to follow for a world with less trash:

Anne Marie Bonneau
Anne Marie Bonneau relates in her blog what her zero waste lifestyle is like. Photo: Taken from Zero Waste Home

1. Anne Marie Bonneau

She’s the creator of the Zero Waste Chef blog, where, with grace, she narrates how she went into this lifestyle. Anne started in 2011, with the elimination of plastic and then she focused on diminishing her kitchen wastes.

In this entertaining interview for CuerpoMente, she affirms an excellent idea that we should all take into account and apply in our lifes: “Before I let myself be tempted with something at a store, I ask myself: how will I throw this away when it’s no longer useful?”.

Gabriela Baeza Zamora
Gabriela Baeza Zamora is a fundamental voice of the zero waste movement in the Latin American region. Photo: Taken from her Twitter account

2. Gabriela Baeza Zamora

This Mexican is also very well known for her labor in favor of Zero Waste in Latin America. Through her documentary short film “El Reto” (The Challenge), she has popularized the movement in the region.

In it, Gabriela shows how the process to join the movement, for both her family and her. She highlights that the change starts by one self. Her Zero Trash Project (Proyecto Cero Basura) that started with the referred documentary, reaches more tan 60 thousand followers on Facebook.

Proyecto Cero Basura´s picture
The Zero Waste Project is an invitation to join the challenge for Earth.
Source: Proyecto Cero Basura
“Welfare for me, welfare for all. The well-being includes the planet”
Tammy Logan
Tammy Logan advocates for sustainable living solutions.
Photo: Taken from his Twitter account

3. Tammy Logan

She is the creator of the Gippsland Unwrapped blog, with the purpose of helping to maximize the resources and minimize the waste. She counts with 20 years of work experience in biology of conservation, scientific communication and community work to promote solutions for a more sustainable life.

Gippsland Unwrapped won the “Top 75 Zero Waste Blog” prize, occupying third place in Australia and number 15 in the world. About the lifestyle that her family and her have adopted she says: “It’s a way to protest against a wasteful society and to say we can do better”.

Gippsland Unwrapped blog
Tammy has written several articles on her blog to help us eliminate plastic, since its degradation – which takes a long time – enhances the greenhouse effect. Source: Gippsland Unwrapped
Rae Strauss
Rae Strauss is the author of several books that address zero waste.
Photo: Taken from her Twitter account

4. Rachelle Strauss

Also known as Rae Strauss, she’s founder of Zero Waste Week. She helps people, enterprises, communities, schools, organizations and other actors in society to reduce the waste of dumps, save money and preserve resources.

Rachelle accumulates more than 10 thousand followers in her Twitter account. She is the author of the books: Household Cleaning, Grow Your Own Vegetables (Green Guides) and Compost (Green Guides).

Anna Pitt
Anna Pitt has a long career as a driving force behind the zero waste movement. Photo: Taken from her Twitter account

5. Anna Pitt

Alongside Rae Strauss and a committed team, she is a protagonist at the Zero Waste Week. For more than 20 years she has imparted workshops and courses. She has promoted in favor of the movement in important media like BBC News.

She is a great spokeswoman on the topic, expert in connecting with her audience and committing it with the objectives she promotes. She’s author of the books: 101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free and Leftover Pie: 101 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste.   

Movimiento Zero Waste
Image of the Zero Waste Week campaign.
Source: Zero Waste Week

This is a small selection within all of those people that have done a great job in favor of Zero Waste, but the list is much more extensive. On the article below, you can check out the rest of this TOP 10.

I hope you join the big global community of #zerowaste! I will soon share some tips to immerse in this lifestyle.    

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