The potential of Fyself’s intelligent surveys

Today we start with examples of problems that could be solved by Fyself’s linked data in the realization of intelligent surveys. We are pioneers in having this potential.

Use Case 1: Market Research for a New Product

A beverage company wants to launch a new product and needs to understand the taste preferences, consumption habits and demographics of its target market.

Traditionally, the company would have to deploy extensive surveys, often with low response rates and data that may not be representative or current and could only do a reduced point-in-time sampling at the time users complete the survey.

With the use of the tools provided in FySelf, the company will make the data request, configuring the information according to their needs and making requests for as long as they deem necessary.

Users can access relevant information such as past beverage preferences, frequency of consumption, and basic demographics with a simple click, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data for analysis.

If there is any data or request that is not found in the profiles, the user will fill it in and this data will be enabled for new surveys.

Should the survey company request FySelf to add relevant data related to its management to the profile area, these are evaluated by the development team and are permanently incorporated to the user profiles.


Benefits in the process of filling out smart surveys.

  • Speed and Efficiency: Significant reduction in data collection time and cost.
  • Permanent Results: Surveys can be placed for extended periods, over which results are available in real time on a day-to-day basis.
  • Data Quality: Access to pre-validated and updated information directly from users. FySelf calculates and delivers the degree of veracity of the information collected.
  • User Participation: Higher response rate due to the ease and security of the process.
  • Bonus: Users can be bonused with Fiat money or via the Leht, FySelf’s native token, through the platform.

To the users of pollsters: Your data in the hands of others? Never again! Gain Leht and take control of your digital identity at FySelf. Your information, your value.

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