Smart surveys, another potentiality of Fyself

In the digital age, the data is the new gold, but the way in which these data are collected and used is about to change dramatically. Fyself is at the forefront of this revolution, redefining the process of surveys and forms with our truly intelligent survey technology, using the principle of linked data and active and permanent information.

Discover how we are transforming data collection, doing the most efficient, precise and valuable surveys for companies and users.

The challenge of traditional surveys.

Traditional surveys often face challenges such as low participation, unreliable data collection and inefficient repetition of questions. This outdated method is not only tedious for users, but also results in lower quality data for market researchers, scientists, sociologists and anyone who demands reliable people data for their work.

Introducing innovation: How do smart surveys work in FySelf?

Simple and unprecedented in the world of surveys, it is now possible to have the data available in real time and permanently, for as long as it is needed. Users simply grant temporary access to the required information, completing additional data as needed.

This process not only saves time, but also ensures the accuracy and relevance of the data collected and especially the durability of the data requested.

Survey data types

To do this, surveyors have three key types of data that they can request using the FySelf Business platform tools.

Access data: These are the data that the user has in their profiles and that the pollster needs to have available in real time in the dynamic or intelligent survey. If the user modifies this data during the period in which he/she is applying to these surveys, the interviewer will receive the update in real time. For example, if the person has moved to another country, their demographic data will change and the pollster will see the variations in the daily results.

Suggested data: In this case they are data that being in the profiles, the user can modify or update them when completing the survey, subsequently deciding whether to update it as a permanent data or maintains the data it had. In this case there would be data such as email, or some habits that have been modified over time.

Personalized data: The pollster will demand very specific data that do not exist in user profiles, therefore will add those requests to request forms. For example, the preferred drink of drink, or the moments of the day that consumes the most a refreshing drink.

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Potential of smart surveys

For ease of understanding, in the next installments, we will present more examples of how smart surveys can be used by various industries, from market research to academic research. We highlight key benefits, such as improved data quality, collection efficiency and respect for user privacy.

We are inviting companies, pollsters, researchers and curious users to explore the potential of smart, permanent surveys.

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