Monetize Your Digital Identity

In an increasingly digitized world, the concept of personal and economic value has undergone a significant evolution.

This article highlights the key differences between the Leht project and other emerging economic models, highlighting how Leht offers a revolutionary approach that empowers individuals to capitalize on their most vital asset in the internet age: their digital identity.

Global projects such as the Universal Basic Income (UBI), also known as unconditional basic income, or citizen income, represent an innovative social security model that proposes a radical solution to contemporary economic and social challenges.

This system offers the idea that all citizens or residents of a country periodically receive a fixed sum of money from the state, without the need to meet preconditions or demonstrate need.

Although it is presented as an innovative social security model, it faces significant challenges in terms of financing, labor market impact and social equity.

In parallel, initiatives such as WorldCoin and World ID propose to combine blockchain technology and digital identity to offer economic benefits just for being human.

However, these proposals generate debates about privacy, data security and the risk of becoming tools for social control if not properly managed.

But where do these economic resources come from?

The FySelf Proposal and the Leht make a very notable difference. Unlike the UBI and the policies of WorldCoin and WorldID, FySelf’s growing Leht project focuses on the premise that each person possesses a valuable and unique asset: his or her digital identity.

In the information economy, our data is of considerable value to businesses and advertisers. Leht proposes a model where users manage, protect and, crucially, monetize and capitalize on their digital identity.

How does Leht work?

Leht introduces a digital economic system where users earn tokens for their activity on the web, recognizing and rewarding their contribution to the digital ecosystem.

This approach ensures that the value generated by users’ personal data is fairly compensated.

While the UBI offers an unconditional login and other initiatives focus on unique identification, Leht empowers users to be the true owners of their digital identity. This promotes personal autonomy and active participation in the digital economy.

Leht goes beyond simple monetization; it represents a vision for the future of digital identity.

Adopting Leht not only activates a vital asset, but also participates in building a fairer, more transparent and equitable digital ecosystem.

FySelf and the Leht project offer us a window into a future where our digital identity is not only protected and controlled by ourselves, but also becomes a source of income and empowerment.

The Leht stands out as a unique and different proposal focused on directly rewarding the active and conscious participation of people who become FySelf users, in the digital economy, leading the way to a new era of digital autonomy and shared prosperity truly backed by the most valuable asset since the emergence of the internet.

Unlock the Power of Your Digital Identity and discover how Leht transforms your Data into Money.

Leht: FySelf’s eco currency

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