The Leht, FySelf’s ecofriendly Cryptocurrency

The Leht is the Cryptocurrency offered by FySelf to users worldwide to trade, exchange or receive monetary value. This is the expression in value of your daily activity on the web. It is a less volatile and more secure cryptocurrency because it is backed by an asset that, although intangible, has taken great value with the emergence of the Internet, «The digital identity».

Leht does not involve energy costs in the mining processes, for this reason, we have considered it within the novel category of EcoCoins. It works on cryptography and blockchain technologies, so it can be considered, due to its security and decentralization, within the cryptocurrency category, but with great differences related to volatility, control and environmental sustainability.


With the Leht we give value to our activity on the web.

When we interact on the Internet we create our digital identity, according to the traces we leave on each platform, application or tool we use to communicate, socialize or perform some kind of management or procedure, or simply to inform ourselves or to access a service.

We act daily in the networks leaving freely and often unconsciously information about our tastes, personality, religious trends, lifestyles or fashion, which are deliberately used by multiple companies to obtain economic benefits, without representing anything for us.

It is time to use our digital identity to facilitate many of the procedures we perform in our daily lives and, in addition, receive economic benefits through Leht for our activity on the web.


How to earn Leht?

You will only be able to «mine» Leht from within the ecosystem of FySelf platforms. We call this process as Digital Identity Cultivation Actions, they are as simple as executing the activities you do on other social networks. You will not need to invest money in hardware, energy or similar elements, you just need to use the time you invest today in other networks, without receiving profits, to grow the value of your online interactions.

Leht Cultivation is about generating daily activity on the platform, attracting new users, new customers and new business. Attract your entire community and all the people that surround you and belong to the social and institutional groups in which you operate. You can also earn Leht by posting, socializing and interacting, just as you do today in other networks, without receiving any economic remuneration in return; permanently validating all the requests received; publishing every day, and sharing your ideas, your likes and your virtues.

You will get Leht by conducting surveys periodically and creating your own audience, your followers and your own community, trying to become an expert in any of the topics you like the most. Furthermore, you will complete as many surveys as you can, according to your profile, your knowledge and your experiences.

And above all, you will act daily to grow your digital reputation, through the three fundamental pillars on which it is based that are: the amount of information you add to your profiles; the levels of validation that your data reaches, which we have called Credibility, and the certainty that you as a user achieve by validating the data of the third parties that make up your community, which we have called Reliability.

Come and earn money on FySelf!

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