FySelf: Phrases that inspire us II

We are a creative and dreamy team that is betting on a technological world on an environmental basis. Since we conceived our project we have had as inspiration famous phrases of dissimilar personalities. Ideas that inspire and motivate us to continue working for a unique, safe and universal identity.

In a previous post we shared some of those famous phrases. Today we propose some others of those sentences, hoping that you also want to be part of the first social identity network in the world.

Who are we in the universe?

These two phrases reflect on the role of human beings on the planet. Who we are, what causes move us and what we do to change the world is also part of the reflections they suggest.

Man and the world

Science is part of our life and to it we owe the quality of life we have: how we interact with the world, what role we play from our space to contribute to the development of the environment that surrounds us.

At FySelf, we work for the right to a unique form of identity for all people on the planet. Learn about our projects and join the FySelf team.

Dependence, necessity, sustainability

Dependency and human needs go hand in hand. In a contemporary world, defined by new technologies, we must advocate for a rational use of natural resources and, of course, to protect the environment.

At the company we believe in a technological planet, but with a Zero Waste mentality and where we safeguard the environment. Learn about the causes we defend and be part of the FySelf experience.

FySelf: all people count

In the world there are one billion people without identity. Each of these human beings need to tell their story. By providing a unique, secure and universal identity platform, we want to provide identity to all those who today lack it.

Find out how you can be part of us to make this possible.

Did you know some of these phrases? Do you plan to incorporate them into your daily life? We are waiting for your comments, along with those famous sentences that have motivated you.

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