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Since our team had the idea of FySelf as just a dream, way before becoming the company we are today, we had some phrases from famous people from all over the world. These reflections have been a guide and motivation during this time of intense work.

We share below some of those phrases with the wish that you get inspired by them as well and maybe join our efforts.

What we are

About who we are in the planet are these two reflections from two well-known people. One is from the Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder and the other from the American President John F. Kennedy. Discovering our own essence is part of life and, in that path, technology has become essential in the past few years.

We work for a unique and secure identity for everyone

As the world’s first social identity network, we work to accomplish the right to a unique identity for everyone in the planet. Get to know our company and be part of the FySelf team.

Putting order to the chaos

The contemporary world may seem like total chaos: hundreds of information coming from many different channels, pandemics that harass us, people without identity, procedures and paperwork all around. But, FySelf works to organize this world at least a little. With our secure identity you will be able to unify your credentials and save a lot of time.

We believe in collaboration

We live in society, as such we must learn to think life. This is why, in FySelf we believe in collaborative work. We want you to be part of us. Get to know our causes and volunteer and work programs with our platform. You can also be part of our team.

Did you know any of these phrases? DO you think you will incorporate them to your daily life? We are waiting for your comments, along with the phrases that have motivated you to build something.   

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