FySelf Owner-Distributor

Imagine being the Owner of Facebook or LinkedIn in your country?

The FySelf Owner-Distributor category represents a great opportunity for visionary individuals or companies who wish to lead the expansion of our project in their country. This privileged position not only offers the exclusive right to distribute and promote the platform, but also implies a direct collaboration with the FySelf core team to foster a local community of users, Logger and Logger-Office.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Promotion and Advertising: The Owner-Distributor is committed to making significant investments in promotion and advertising to increase the visibility and adoption of FySelf in the local market.
  2. Employment Generation: A key focus is the creation of employment opportunities, encouraging Logger and Logger-Office training, and supporting their development and success.
  3. Market Development: Establish and expand FySelf’s presence in the country, adapting market strategies to maximize reach and penetration.

The requirements are simple and consist of:

  1. Make an initial investment that will be used for promotion, publicity and development of the FySelf community in the country. The amount of this investment will be related to the country in question and the growth commitments to be established.
  2. It is essential to embrace and share our vision of empowering users, allowing them to manage their identity and benefit financially from them. This also implies the option to customize user profiles to reflect the idiosyncrasies, language and traditions of their country. We recognize the importance of genuinely connecting with users, considering their cultural contexts and interactions with local companies and institutions that use the data in their management.
  3. Have the ability to establish a local infrastructure to support marketing, training and community support activities.
  4. Sign an agreement that establishes exclusivity terms, performance expectations and short, medium and long term objectives.

Selection and Accreditation Process

Interested parties should submit an application, which will be evaluated by the FySelf team to ensure alignment of objectives and capabilities.

Once the agreement is in place, the candidate and his team will receive in-depth training on the platform, its tools, functionalities and especially on general market strategies, to make them suitable for their territory.

Upon successful completion of the training, and once the actions have been initiated, Owner-Distributors will be eligible for official certification, marking the accredited professional start of their exclusive activity in the designated country.

FySelf is committed to providing ongoing support to Owner-Distributors, including access to marketing materials, management tools and technical support, ensuring mutual success and sustainable growth.

To qualify for this category, it is not necessary to have been a Logger or a Logger-Office; however, those who have already done this work and achieve the experiences will have better opportunities for growth.

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