Fyself: on the road to a true Web 3.0

In today’s information age, it is undeniable that our data is a valuable asset, comparable to traditional resources such as gold or oil. This valorization of personal data arises from the power it has to drive business decisions, marketing strategies, segmentation, advertising, and today, the processes of using data to feed the growing demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning are accelerating.

For this reason, the collection and analysis of personal data has radically transformed how we interact, shop and live. Companies have learned to capitalize on this new «currency» and, of course, have grown exponentially. However, this dizzying development is not without its critics, doubts and questions about privacy and ethics in the management of personal data.

What is FySelf’s vision of Web 3.0?

FySelf’s vision of a Web 3.0 goes beyond blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies, AI or the Metaverse; it’s about building an ecosystem where transparency, privacy and informed consent are the norm, not the exception. The real digital revolution would not just be the technology, but how it is used to empower the individual.

In this way, each user is an active and conscious participant, not a product. People decide what to share, for how long, with whom and under what terms, marking a before and after in the data economy.

In addition, they benefit economically from the management of their own personal data through the Leht, an ecomoney valued according to the value of each individual’s identity on the WEB, about which you can learn more in this article.

FySelf represents a game changer, challenging the traditional notion that only large corporations can capitalize on data. It provides users with tools to manage, control and monetize their personal information; they can now decide who to give access to their data, for how long and on what terms.

They also have a new form of income derived from the conscious and consensual use of their information. It is not simply a platform, but a beacon guiding towards a more just, empowering and economically inclusive digitality.

Your information is valuable, don’t give it away! At FySelf, your data earns you Leht. A new digital economy awaits you.

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M.B.P (CEO FySelf)

Architect by profession, always passionate about new technologies. Man of enterprises and challenges. He dreams of a world where technology helps us to improve as human beings.

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