Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities at FySelf

We have just launched the FySelf platform to the world after several years of effort, development and implementation. For this reason, the time has come to offer all honest people the opportunity to work using the tools provided by FySelf and the business model we offer in all modalities.

FySelf stands out as the first social network focused on digital identity and its inherent value, positioning itself as a fertile field for professionals, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts.

In this series of posts, we will break down the various opportunities that FySelf provides for employment, business start-ups, and participation in attractive investments. We will explore in detail how FySelf not only acts as a gateway to new employment and entrepreneurial possibilities, but also facilitates the path to promising investments and micro-investments.

FySelf Job Opportunities

To begin with, we will explain how a User can start working using the platform’s tools and receive economic benefits.

Become a Logger-Seller

A Logger is basically any user with good communication skills who decides to take advantage of FySelf tools to work and obtain economic benefits. This role involves:

  • Register New Users: This includes individuals, companies and other entities, introducing them to the platform and its services.
  • Guidance and Support: Help these new users navigate FySelf, showing them how to use linked data, set up paperwork, activate Leht for earnings, and participate in the innovative TwinH project.
  • Requirements: Be of legal age and have basic computer skills, either on computers or smartphones. As the Logger becomes more familiar with the platform, their earning opportunities increase.

Interested in becoming a Logger? Simply create your account on Fyself.com and send us an email to corp@fyself.com with your name and your interest in becoming a Logger. We will provide you with all the necessary information, including compensation details and how to get started.

Advance to Logger-Office Category

By mastering the necessary skills and demonstrating growth, you have the opportunity to expand your influence by creating your own Logger office. Here, you will lead a team, teaching them how to register new users and market FySelf’s services. As your team grows and succeeds, your income will also increase, receiving bonuses for the performance of each Logger you train.

Requirements for becoming a Logger-Office:

  1. Application and Approval: You must submit an application to FySelf and receive confirmation of your eligibility, based on your previous achievements as an individual logger.
  2. Advanced Training: You will participate in an advanced training program, deepening the use of more sophisticated tools and optimizing service configuration processes.
  3. Certification and Operation: You will start your activities and, after a period of evaluation, you will apply for official certification from your office, which can mean an increase in commission income.
  4. Updating and Continuous Improvement: You will keep abreast of new FySelf functionalities, ensuring that you and your team are always up to date to maximize performance.

Accreditation Process:

Once your application to become a Logger-Office is approved, you will sign an agreement detailing training, work policies, use of the brand, confidentiality agreements, and more. After completing training and passing a competency assessment, you will receive a Certification of Accreditation that makes your Logger-Office official.

FySelf is committed to supporting your growth and success by providing you with access to the best strategies and tools developed by our General Sales Management.

We are dedicated to encouraging the advancement of our Loggers, equipping them to reach and exceed their financial and professional goals and even inviting them to become FySelf Owner-Distributors in their country.

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