Earn money at FySelf: Explore your Options

Explore the many ways to earn money on FySelf, from a simple account activation that allows you to start accumulating Leht, to deeper commitments such as buying Leht directly, upgrading to Logger Office status or even reaching the exclusive position of Owner-Distributor in your country. Each alternative opens a different path to personal and economic enrichment within our ecosystem.

We will detail below the ways in which you can earn money on FySelf, from the affordable option of starting with as little as one euro to the most ambitious one, which would allow you to be the exclusive representative of FySelf in your nation, reaping significant economic returns.

Free Plan Account Activation

Opting for the Free Plan when activating your account is the gateway to the FySelf universe. This first step not only allows you to accumulate Leht, but also makes you an active member of our growing community, contributing to the overall value of Leht and thus to your own benefits within the platform.

This initial approach is ideal to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of FySelf, understanding the potential of Leht and exploring the various services we offer. In parallel, you will delve into the world of cryptocurrencies, learning about e-wallets and the platform’s operating procedures, all without any prior investment.

In addition to the initial benefits, when you activate your account with the Free Plan, you will start receiving daily rewards on Leht based on your «identity cultivation» activities within the platform. These activities can range from completing your profile, interacting with other users, creating your workspace on a topic or business to making and reacting to various posts.

The accumulated Leht offer remarkable flexibility: you can redeem them for fiat money, exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or use them to access exclusive services that will be added to FySelf.

This reward structure is designed not only to enrich your experience on the platform, but also to provide you with a tangible return for your participation and contribution to the FySelf community.

Investing in Leht’s Purchase

Expand your participation in the FySelf ecosystem by investing directly in Leht. This avenue is perfect for those who wish to actively contribute to the value and economic growth of the Leht, FySelf and their own growth. For this you can use both fiat money and other cryptocurrencies on the exchange platforms that have listed the Leht, which will be published at different stages. Currently, you can do this on the open marketplace of the PancakeSwap platform.

The mathematical model behind Leht predicts steady and sustainable growth, driven by the increasing demand and diversification of services available on the platform. By purchasing Leht, you are not only investing in your financial future, but also contributing to liquidity and strengthening the overall value of the currency within the market.

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As more users and service providers adopt Leht as a means of payment, both inside and outside FySelf, its value will experience an upward trend, reflecting the vitality and expansion of our community.

Offering and charging for services in Leht within the FySelf platform is a smart strategy to increase its value. This practice not only fosters a robust economic cycle around it, but also gives you the flexibility to convert your Leht into local currency or use it to access a growing range of services. By integrating the Leht into everyday transactions, you strengthen its position in the market and thus the growth potential of your investment.

Create your own business: apply for Logger Office Category

Take a significant step in your career within FySelf by moving up to the Logger Office category that you can develop through a physical or virtual office from the internet. This transformation allows you to establish and lead your own network of Loggers, exponentially multiplying your ability to accumulate Leht.

By becoming a Logger Office, you not only expand your personal influence within the platform, but also position yourself as a pillar in the FySelf community, fostering the growth and adoption of the platform through your team.

Adopting this role is a serious commitment to your professional development and that of your network. This category requires significant dedication in terms of time and effort, especially in training and managing your team of Loggers.

However, this investment is more than rewarded by the benefits gained from the collective success of your network. As your Loggers become active and prosper, you not only increase your earnings in Leht, but also contribute significantly to the value and expansion of FySelf.

Becoming a Logger Office opens the door to unprecedented growth potential, both personally and financially. By leading by example and innovation, you can establish a thriving business, taking advantage of the structure and support the platform offers.

This entrepreneurial approach not only gives you the opportunity to earn financial rewards, but also to leave a lasting mark on the evolution of FySelf and its community.

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