Digital Business World Congress 2021: an event for a digital world

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are among the main topics of the Digital Business World Congress 2021 (DES2021) event. As many may know the fair takes place in Madrid, Spain, this year between May 18th and 20th. Let’s get to know more details about this meeting, as well as its impact on the European digital business environment.

Details about the event

With the slogan «Get inspired to take your business to the next level», the event’s website states that the Digital Business World Congress 2021 will have 500 international speakers. These will present success stories as well as new business models. In addition, there will be a debate on issues of leadership and implementation of digital strategies..

At the headquarters of Pavilion 8 of the IFEMA – Feria de Madrid fairgrounds, more than 300 exhibiting companies will also meet and present innovative solutions from the industry. This will be the fifth presentation of one of the largest international events on digitization.

The sneak peaks offered at this fair will allow everyone to discover how the digital environment can change business. This will also make possible to acquire knowledge, skills and crucial solutions that can guide the future of the sector.

In total, the event will feature more than 250 hours of talks. The main topics on the agenda include Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as cybersecurity and Big Data.

Previous editions

The Digital Business World Congress 2021 takes place annually since 2016. It has had four previous editions. For this reason it occupies the privileged place as the world’s largest international forum on transformation and digital economy. Thus it serves as a guide and inspiration for executives and public administrations on hot topics in the technology sector.

The fair is also well-known for issuing systematic analyses on issues related to Artificial Intelligence, Chain Blocking, IO, cyber security; as well as how these influence the financial statements of companies and how companies can use them in their favor.

The support of governmental institutions, such as ICEX, the Madrid City Council and the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, shows the relevance of the event and the importance of holding a meeting like this in the European nation.

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