Europe in favor of digital sovereignty

« (…) Now Europe must lead the digital path (…) », expressed the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, in her speech about the state of the Union, pronounced on the 16th of September 2020. The technological sovereignty is a necessity for the European continent that is now starting their new normality and that, as nearly everything at the moment, it is being supported in technology to stay afloat during the quarantine.

Technology in times of pandemic

This was not the usual annual speech of September before the European Parliament. The first time as President and in a world struck by coronavirus, von der Leyer particularly emphasized on how the pandemic transformed our lives in every sense.

Ursula von der Leyen, in her State of the Union Address to the European Parliament, reflected on the digital sovereignty of the continent. Photo: Olivier Hoslet/AP. Taken from:

Modern technology has allowed the young ones distance learning and a million of people to work from home. It allowed companies to sell their products, industries to keep working and governments to provide crucial public services from afar. We have seen how in a matter of weeks we have managed the equivalent to years of innovation and digital transformation”.

Ursula von der Leyen, Speech about the Union’s state.

The coronavirus context has made us rethink in detail the technological role and how it is present our daily coexistence. About this, the President of the European Commission pointed out the necessity of a common plan for the digital Europe. This plan must have clear purposes for 2030: connectivity, capacities and public digital services.

In addition, it must comply with the principles of respecting the right to intimacy and connectivity, the freedom of speech, the free circulation of data and cybersecurity.

Europe: leading the digital path

In order to make Europe a leader in the digital solutions’ market it is necessary, according to von der Leyen in her speech, to focus on three essential areas:

  • The data: the data economy is significant to boost innovation, as well as the creation of new jobs. That is why, Europe must take advantage of this information and make it accessible. Common data websites become necessary, in spheres such as health or energy. The European Commission will build its own cloud, as part of the NextGenerationEU, based in GaiaX.
  • Artifitial Intelligence: AI is also essential in the development of modern life, in sectors as diverse as health, transport and education. But, these uses need a normative that put human beings at the center and particularize the practices of each sector. The President also announced that the Commission will present a secure and electronic European identity.
  • Infrastructure: Center investments in secure connectivity, in the expansion of 5G, 6G and fiber networks. NextGenerationEU will allow the development of a European approach, in tune with connectivity and the implementation of digital infrastructure. The main goal is to accomplish the digital European sovereignty, in both great and small scale. Therefore, there will be an investment of 8 000 million Euros in the coming generation of supercomputers, on-edge technology made in Europe.

FySelf: Estonian company

Our company, FySelf OÜ, is embedded in these technological European efforts for a safer and reliable identity. Created in Estonia, on the 20th of January 2020, we are the first Social Identity Network in the world.

The activities we do, according to our social objective, are related to programming and also consulting; program designing; software modifications, trials and support; software applications, databases, among other related areas.     

We have created the digital platform: FySelf. The name means Find Your Digital Self, which allows having your data in just one virtual space. You can use them according to your necessities for your procedures. Our platform is a protected and secure space.

We have FySelf’s 2021 Development Project, document that gathers the sponsorship modalities that we have available, as well as the causes we defend. In addition, we dispose of a special category for those who want to work online or even volunteer with us: The Logger and the Volunteer Collaboratoring Logger. We invite you to discover a little about our work.

Europe is betting tight now on its own technological development. FySelf is joining this spirit, as an Estonian company. Get to know more of our online work, sponsorship and volunteer programs. You can be part of the FySelf team!

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