FySelf´s TwinH and the European Virtual Human Twin Initiative.

In a world where personalized care is becoming the gold standard in healthcare, the European Virtual Human Twin (VHT) initiative marks the beginning of a new era. Europe is betting big on innovation in digital health, with the aim of moving towards more efficient and personalized healthcare systems.

Virtual human twins are already a reality in many EU Member States, representing great potential in the advancement of personalized care. However, we face the challenge of fragmentation and the growing need for collaboration and advanced technological development. Here, FySelf’s TwinH project emerges as a key player.

FySelf TwinH: Integrating the European Vision for Personalized Healthcare

FySelf’s TwinH project aligns perfectly with the European Union’s vision for personalized care. Leveraging advanced supercomputing capabilities and artificial intelligence, TwinH is positioned as a catalyst for collaborative VHT development. This innovative platform enables:

  • Encourage inclusion and collaboration between researchers, industry and companies dedicated to human enhancement.
  • Facilitate advanced research and technology development, leveraging the future European Health Data Space.
  • Break down silos and support interoperability, integration and expansion of digital health solutions.

Transforming Healthcare through AI

The success of VHTs is based on their ability to simulate and model the complex systems of the human body in ways previously impossible. FySelf’s TwinH integration enables the creation of advanced assisted response models and personalized data analytics, all through natural language processing and with expert assistance from healthcare staff. This accelerates the path to truly personalized, data-driven healthcare, where the user takes control of their information, overcoming data protection laws.

TwinH: The digital human by FySelf

Building a Private, Safe and Secure Future

FySelf’s TwinH is committed to EU values and standards, ensuring that every advance in healthcare is private, safe and secure. Through PODs created by each user, it ensures that only the necessary data is released for faster and safer assessment and decision-making.

Today, we invite all stakeholders in the VHT ecosystem to join forces with FySelf’s TwinH. Together, we can unlock the potential of virtual human twins to transform healthcare, bringing us closer to the creation of a Universal Health Record. This revolution will enable every person to carry their complete medical record, accessible from anywhere in the world, integrating the most advanced authentication systems.

Join Us in this Revolutionary Mission

FySelf’s TwinH project is ready to lead this exciting journey towards the future of people and especially towards the accelerated development of medical care at the height of the most current advances in science. We invite you to be part of this revolution. Together, we can create a world where healthcare is more personal, more efficient and, above all, more human.

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