Nike keeps on betting on Zero Waste

Big brands such as Nike have joined the movement in favor of zero waste. Nike launched a new collection of recycled shoes this 20th of August. It’s another of its initiatives “Move to Zero”, that is looking to get to its record of zero carbon emissions and zero residues in its production.

“Sustainability affects every part of our lives, just as it affects every part of our business. Here’s what we’re doing to make radical changes now, and into the future”.


Some recycled Nike shoe models are Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 90 y Nike Daybreak-Type. The designs show an ecological culture: the swoosh is made out of at least 50% recycled leather fiber, for example:

Nike future Zero Waste. Air VaporMax 2020
Nike Air VaporMax 2020. Foto: Nike

The Nike Air soles, designed since 1994, contain at least 50% of recycled production residues. Since 2008, they have been produced with 100% renewable energy in their AirMI installations. Also, they re-utilize 90% of waste of used materials to make their Air soles and create new and innovative damping systems.

Nike and its Zero Waste approach

Nike’s priority is zero waste. Their vision is a circular future where the concept of residue doesn’t even exist. This means: reutilize everything and don’t waste anything. Their waste elimination starts by the product design stage and after that by the optimization of the production process.

Nike considers that the best way to reduce is to design the wastes of their products from the very beginning. They have recognized that their purpose will need the collaboration of the industry, of society, responsible politicians, companies and consumers.

They are developing new production processes that generate less residues and use materials that contribute to said purpose.

“For more than ten years, we’ve been designing waste out of our processes to make more efficient and more sustainable products. For us, scraps are valuable resources. We believe every ounce of material sourced to make Nike products should be put to good use”.


I hope that Nike contributing to a world with Zero Waste inspires other producers to join this movement in favor of the environment and sustainability. A tendency that also has a positive impact on the economy of both producers and the final consumers.

What do you think about Nike’s initiative? What other brands, that you know of, have joined the Zero Waste movement? Comment below and help others have a life with less waste.

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