Solid launches new business version

Inrupt, the startup created by Tim Berners-Lee, has presented the enterprise version of its platform Solid. This new tool serves companies and organizations to build several initiatives. In all of them leaving the control over their personal data to users and respect their privacy is a crucial feature.

What’s new in this release?

This is version 1.0 of Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server (ESS). Accompanying this endeavor are also the launches of Inrupt Developer Tools and Inrupt Pod Browser. In general, these tools will enable both organizations and clients to take advantage of ecosystems created with Solid.

Today marks a huge milestone in Inrupt’s journey to deliver on my vision for a vibrant web of shared benefits and opportunities. (…). It is the fruit of two years of work by our outstanding team. These technologies will fundamentally change the way organizations connect people to their data and create value together. It’s going to drive groundbreaking new opportunities that not only restore trust in data, but also enhance our lives.

Tim Berners-Lee, CTO of Inrupt.

The open source platform Solid has as new features the POD (personal online data). This is a digital container that stores the personal data of a user. It is personal and each person has a key, thus controlling who accesses their information. The POD is stored in the cloud of a provider, which can be Inrupt, the Solid community or the user himself, and communicates with the Solid server.

Created in 2017, Solid was already available for small companies and, from now on, large companies or public entities can use it. This way they will be able to develop their own applications.

Solid simplifies software development by removing the need for data ORMs or by supporting dozens of APIs. This brings to developers an increase of efficiency and opens the door to applications that were never before thought possible.

Oz Olivo, VP of the product

Path traveled by Solid

Previously other companies have tested Solid too. Along this path of development, European entities have used it. Among them we see the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom, the British channel BBC, the NatWest Bank and the Government of Flanders, in Belgium.

The results are encouraging in each of these experiences. The NHS trains its patients and reduces costs; while the Flemish Government is committed to the creation of a POD for each citizen, which offers security and confidence in its inhabitants and speeds up procedures.

Together with Inrupt and the Solid community, these organizations are demonstrating what is possible in a new age of the web. (…). Together, these projects demonstrate that when people are united with their data, everyone wins.

John Bruce, CEO of Inrupt

Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, bets on an open and free space web, but at the same time safe. Now, with the development of Inrupt, it continues to face the conglomerate of companies that store Big Data in the cloud and, at the same time, monetize with the data of their users.

Solid’s model is precisely to change the focus on user data and empower them as the true owners of that personal information. At FySelf we also bet on you as the sole owner of your personal information.

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