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Why are social networks mostly free? Where do they get their income from? Because the raw material is you, when you provide personal data constantly, in exchange for entertainment or profits for life.

To expand your knowledge on what is explained, we recommend the following article:

In the video, we refer to the following articles or topics:
The Economist:
Financial Times:
Cambridge Analytica (Explained):
We also share the link on Amazon to purchase Brittany Kaiser’s book, «Targeted,» a recommended read:

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What is FySelf?

We are a team that is concerned, and is looking for solutions to: reduce bureaucracy, limit the environmental impact of excessive paper consumption, and reverse the unreliability of the information available about people on the Internet. For this, we are developing an online tool that will be released very soon.

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Digital innovators who propose a new concept for the web. We believe that the digital world does not need more technological monarchs, but appropriate tools to find the truth.

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