The Revolution of Green Jobs

“Green jobs are decent jobs that contribute to the preservation and restoration of the environment. Be it in traditional sectors like manufacturing or construction or be it in new emerging sectors like renewable energy or energetic efficiency”.

This definition was presented by the International Labour Organizaton in 2016, but even four years later it is still relevant and the organization underlines the importance of these jobs as key to achieve sustainable development.

In 2008, joint initiative was launched by Green Jobs from the United Nations Environment Program, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Syndical Confederation (ISC) and the International Employers Organization (IEO).

The intention of this initiative is to accomplish a fair transition to a green economy. For this, it will provide a scenario where employers, employees and governments negotiate effective politics regarding green jobs.

Recently the UNEP defined Green economy as “the one that leads to the improvement of human well-being and social equality, while the environmental risks and ecological shortages are significantly reduced.

Now, can you identify some green jobs around you? I’ll help you out a bit…ecological farming, recycling, eco-design, prevention and control of contamination, social corporate responsibility, renewable energy…

11 green jobs of quick growth according to National Geographic:

  • Urban growers
  • Water Quality Technicians
  • Clean Car Engineers
  • Recyclers
  • Natural Scientists
  • Green Builders
  • Solar Cell Technicians
  • Green Design Professionals
  • Wave Energy Producers
  • Wind Energy Workers
  • Biofuels Jobs
Recyclers national_geographic. Green Jobs
Recyclers. This process creates green jobs and has a great impact on the environment. Photo: Anna Clopet. Source: National Geographic

Green Jobs Program

The Sustainable Development Goals guide the Green Jobs Program.

Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 UN. Green Jobs
Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 adopted by the UN General Assembly. Source: UN

This program’s services include the creation of knowledge, international promotion, capacity development, diagnosis and priority establishment, pilot projects, assessing and knowledge exchange, according to the official ILO website in a section dedicated exclusively to this topic.

Enfoque holístico del Programa de Empleos Verdes
Holistic approach of the Green Jobs Program Source: ILO

Is the number of such jobs growing?

Yes, it is!

  • The Canadian government recently announced $15.8 million to create green jobs and training opportunities in the tech, science, engineering, math, energy, forestry, mining, earth science and clean tech fields. All these according to Daily Commercial News by Construct Connect of the past July 8th.
  • Condor Monitor News communicated, in an article on the 7th of July titled: “Which jobs will be on demand after the Coronavirus?”, that the green jobs will be among them. In the era after Coronavirus, the federal government of the US will pay more attention to the imminent climate change disasters.
  •  Ruanda’s green energy sector could create 31 000 jobs annually in the period previous to 2030, because of the interest to invest in renewable energy. The information is more detailed in a recent article of the New Times website, which is very popular in that country.
  • Europe experimented an increase of 13% of the amount of professionals of sustainability last year. This represents a 7.5% more than the global average, referred

TOP “green” cities

The mentioned website,, published a post about how certain cities generate a major growth in these jobs.

  1. Stockholm, Sweden.
  2. Helsinki, Finland.
  3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  4. Zurich, Switzerland.
  5. Vancouver, Canada.
  6. London, United Kingdom.
  7. Milan, Italy.
  8. Auckland, New Zealand.
  9. Melbourne, Australia.
  10. Washington, United States of America.
  11.  San Francisco, United States of America.
  12. Berlin, Germany.
  13. Perth, Australia.
  14. São Paulo, Brazil

The same source assured that data analysis is the ability that grows the most among sustainability professionals, since it experimented an inter-annual increase of 18%.

Will FySelf be a source of green jobs? The first social identity network classifies as a type of green job that will help minimize the global paper consumption. Stay updated and follow our news while our team continues developing the final phase of this platform!

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