Architect by profession, passionate about technology and inventions. With his experience and the audacity of two young computer engineers, they have created the first social network that safeguards and evaluates the digital identity of human beings.

FySelf is in the process of becoming a global identity platform.
During this time they have received multiple awards and are immersed in business acceleration programs, to bring this work to all corners of the planet. They have their own team and specialists in all areas of expertise for IT development and support of platforms and services.

They are open to all types of integrations, complying with the maxim of protecting, valuing and remunerating people for their data on the web.
If you want to talk about FySelf, get in touch. Here’s the information:

Manuel Benitez Perez


Sonia Beatriz Franco Kile


Jose Carlos Abraham Ravelo




Fyself, social platform with its own cryptocurrency, the Leht: first cryptoasset supported by the value of your online activity

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Digital innovators who propose a new concept for the web. We believe that the digital world does not need more technological monarchs, but appropriate tools to find the truth.

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