FySelf Services: grant value to your personal data

The value of personal data is one of the ways through which platforms in the web are making money. We at FySelf OÜ have decided to create a business model in which our users are the authentic owners and beneficiaries of their data. The FySelf Services offer a wide range of services for legal and natural persons.

We have a different view on the real value of data. Get to know more details about what you can get out of the FySelf platform.

Where do our benefits come from?

Most of the social networks make profits while millions of users all around the world enjoy their free services. Right there, when they interact in the platform, give a Like or share content, they are giving up their personal information which is extremely valuable. With this information, companies generate their incomes behind our backs.

We, as the first Social Identity Network in the world, want to empower the users’ role, head owners of all their personal information. Our distinction lays in the fact that we work hand-in-hand with the users, the owners of their data, to offer services to Clients.

But, how is that profit earned? Easily: the benefit you obtain from the Clients goes to a fund that backs up the Leaves. This is, an amount of money that sustains the reward obtained by the users when interacting in the platform.

In each period, the policies on percentage remuneration based on incomes are established. This will make sure that our Users are always the main beneficiaries. It is valid to point out that only a comparatively small amount will be part of our company’s profits, as well as the investments to work in the development of the platform and our service portfolio.

FySelf Services

If we had to define our business model in just one word it would be: comprehensive. We want to cover the personal data market, with services aimed for legal and natural persons.

Our Clients have at their disposal at this first stage a group of basic services, that will increase in time. Let’s dig a little deeper into each service:

Institutional Register Services

Clients can demand and receive data of the required forms. This process even allows them to verify the reputation and identity of a User. To do this, the Client must publish the form, the same they normally do in paper; the User completes it and shares it with the Client.

The process can also go in the opposite direction, from the User to the Client. The User can search for the forms that the Clients have published (banks, consulate, schools, or any other organization with which we share our data). The User only has to fill it in and it will be delivered with just a few clicks.

Survey Services

The Client can publish public or directed surveys and then have the results. These are configured based on the profiles the already exist on FySelf for the Users. This will make it easier for the Users to participate in the process of completing them.

Publication Service

This service will be free of charge at the beginning. This way, the Customer can easily communicate with their own Clients using FySelf through our Publishing system.

Sale of API to companies

An API (application programming interface) allows companies or institutions to integrate the benefits of FySelf into their own computer systems with great ease. It is our company’s intention to gradually diversify the functionalities provided to Clients via the API, in order to make their work as easy as possible.

It is important to highlight that the information, that guarantees the viability of FySelf Services, is filtered by the Identity Recognition that our platform does through the FySelf reputation of each user. This is an indicator that the Users will reach when their information is more believable, monetized and thus, useful for FySelf Clients.

We believe that the true value of personal data must be in the hands of their real owners: The Users. Our Clients can trust the authenticity of the data we offer, while our Users will receive benefits for sharing their information.

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