FySelf: Phrases that inspire us III

When FySelf was just a simple idea, we had famous phrases as inspiration that have motivated us to continue developing our platform until today. Maxims that certainly have prompted us to continue working on the first Social Identity Network on the planet, which seeks to provide identity to all those who today lack it in the world.

In previous posts we shared some of the phrases that inspire us to continue dreaming and growing. Today we present other famous ideas that guide us on the development path of our platform.

Two faces of mankind

Two phrases that warn about the double standard of human beings, one of the many scourges of contemporaneity. Despite this, we never stop believing in mankind and the beautiful work that we can achieve with honesty, commitment and tenacity.

For an honest humanity

Order and measure must always guide our actions. To avoid excessive anger, greed or resentment are the encouragement of these phrases by the biologist and philosopher Thomas Henry Huxley and the playwright, poet and actor William Shakespeare, both of British nationality.

The way of life

Birth as the beginning of the immense path that life is, is also part of FySelf’s vision for a global identity. We are a platform that advocates that all your data, even the most insignificant, be collected in a virtual space where you, as a user, are the sole owner and beneficiary of them. Learn more about us and join this experience.

FySelf: we dream of a better world

At FySelf we also believe in a technological world, with protection of the environment and with a Zero Waste spirit. The planet, today more than ever, needs our care and protection. This brings us closer and closer to man and his circumstances.

The first Social Identity Network aims to provide a unique, secure and universal identity. Therefore, we are focused on teamwork, in which you can also include yourself. Learn how you can be part of us.

Did you know some of those phrases? Do you plan to incorporate them into your daily life? We are waiting for your comments, along with those famous sentences that have motivated you to evolve.

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