New digital ID destinations: Monaco and Ontario

The world is heading towards a totally digital environment. In it, the economy, services and our own daily lives constantly receive help from technology. The digital ID, a basic identification document, is another step on this technological path.

Recently, the Principality of Monaco and the province of Ontario in Canada have begun to promote projects so that their citizens have these virtual documents. Endeavors so that our basic identity document is safe and reliable. So, Let us get to know more details!

Monaco bets on IN GROUPE

In the middle of October, the Principality of Monaco announced the selection of IN Groupe, as its allied company. Together they will design and articulate a digital identification program. This digital identity document will also include electronic identity cards, residence permits and biometric passports.

Is Important to realize that, the implementation of the digital ID is part of the Extended Monaco program. It basically advocates for digital technology to become the foundation of all public policies. This identity document will allow authentication in a simple and easy way for users. Among the main advantages is, of course, quick access to public services. This entire process will have high security standards.

The Monaco City Council and Public Safety departments are preparing to issue the first cards equipped with a digital identity in the first half of 2021.

IN Groupe website

All those natives and residents of the small European country will have a digital ID. This big step on the digital path is part of a tentative rollout program, which will begin next year.

Ontario and Digital ID

The province of Ontario, in Canada, has also announced that it will replace their identity document with an electronic one. In the middle of this month the Digital Identity program came out. It is a part of a much more comprehensive plan of more than 30 projects, called Ontario Onwards: Ontario’s COVID-19 Action Plan for a People-Focused Government. This document provides for substantial improvements in the way individuals and businesses interact with government. Above all it saves a lot of time and money.

Digital identity documents are stored in a digital wallet on a mobile device- helping people and businesses verify their identity anywhere (…). With Digital Identity, Ontario is helping to combat identity fraud and protect data. » Government press release

Government press release

Ontario aims to become a leading digital jurisdiction and thus improving the services that its people depend on. This digital ID project will allow people and companies in this Canadian province to identify themselves safely online. In order to do so, they just have to configure their document through their mobile device.

Starting in January, the government will begin consultations with the industry on how the province could introduce a secure digital identity by the end of 2021. A safe and protected bet for digital ID.

More and more governments understand the need to migrate personal documents to a digital ID. The Principality of Monaco and the Canadian province of Ontario are included in the map of countries that are committed to a secure digital ID for all their citizens.

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