Samsung Galaxy S20: Your ID in your cellphone

Having the identification document on the cellphone is the dream o many. Before this year ends, it will come true in Germany thanks to Samsung Galaxy S20. This device will allow you to keep your ID on your Cellphone! Also you will be able to access services that require authentication through the ID.

How is taking your ID in your Galaxy S20 possible?

In Germany, the possibility to have your ID in your phone is the result of the cooperation between Samsung corporation, the German Federal Office of Information Security, Bundesdruckerei and Deutsche Telekom Security.

This union has ensured the creation of a digital identification system. This system complies with the strict security requirements of Germany and the European Union and it will have its premiere in the Galaxy S20 series.

“The Galaxy S20 offers an innovative electronic identification (eID) to help users easily administrate their personal documents and allow an identification and authentication without any trouble”.

Samsung’s Web

The S20 will be the first mobile device that can safe identity credentials. This is why it has cutting-edge software and hardware.  It also counts with high security standards to protect the user’s personal data.

Having the ID in your cellphone is not only a facility for users, it also offers advantages for the authorities that emit them. At the end it simplifies the emission process of these documents.

Getting to know the advantages of the Galaxy S20

With the Galaxy S20, users can apply for identity credentials using only the mobile device. When the document is emitted and approved by the pertinent authorities, it will be automatically saved in an isolated and secure location in your cellphone.

The end-to-end cypher system allows the process of registration to be very simple and extremely secure. Only the entity that emits and the phone device can access the user’s data.

For added peace of mind for the users, Samsung created the integrated secure element (eSE). This is a storage component that works as a virtual safety box. And of course it complies with the world’s strict security standards.

“We carefully designed the chip to prevent malicious actors from stealing electronic identification information even if they have physical access to the smartphone.”.

Samsung Web

This armored security protocol is endorsed with CC EAL 6+ certification. It also complies with all the requisites of the European normative eiDAS. This is why Samsung hopes that the Galaxy S20 with identification documents begin to be used in Germany and later on by other nations in the European Union.

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