Digital Driver’s license in yet more countries.

The digital driver’s license is a new stop for more important routes to digital identity. This document is a reality in many countries of the world, as we said in an earlier post. It has turned out to be extremely useful to verify our identity.

In the last few weeks, many countries started the process to implement digital driver’s license (DDL). Let’s get to know more about them.

South Korea

In South Korea it’s already a reality. To do so, they used PASS, a 30 million users identity app for financial transactions through mobile phones.

The development of this document has been thanks to the collaboration between the National Police Agency of Korea and the Traffic Authority, together with 3 phone operators of the Asian nation, SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus, -creators of the PASS in 2018.

“We are delighted to launch this service of digital driver’s license that will give the users more security and confort”, assured Oh Se-hyeon, vicepresident and chief officer of blockchain/authentication in SK Telecom.

The DDL will allow from this month onward to emit or renovate the document. Among the security features, screen capture prevention technology stands out, as well as blockchain to protect confidential data.


Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government in Mexico City, and Andrés Lajous Loaeza, Head of Mobility Secretary (Semovi), announced the development of the digital driver’s license for this Latin-American city. This document will be available online from the end of June

“The digitalization of the license implies that we go from having, not only the plastic license but also a verifiable digital document equivalent to the license”, declared Lajous Loaeza in a videoconference.

The Mexican City possesses nearly 30 digitalized administrative processes. As a result, more than 965 000 procedures have been processed.  These numbers reflect the service digitation that they have started to implement.

Although the date of the DDL’s launch is not yet clear, several steps towards its implementation took shape. For example, since last year, thanks to the digitalization process, users can request the renewal of the type A license online.


The 1st of July Iceland started emitting the DDL. Through this countries website you can apply for the document which is available in both iOS and Android versions.

Until now, the DDL will only be validated in this country’s territory. It will be equivalent to the traditional document. According to Visir, In the first 10 minutes, the site served 2,000 people and processed 12,000 applications during the day.

“Obtaining a DDL in your Smartphone is a big step forward and obviously provides comfort to the people. Iceland is the second country in Europe to adopt the DDL, and we are following the footsteps of the Norwegian”, assured Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister of Transport.

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