Biometric authentication in Google Chrome

Online shopping and saving our credit cards’ information is a common practice. The main reason: it usually saves us a lot of time in our day-to-day. Those who use the Chrome browser will surely appreciate knowing that biometric authentication will come to light in this Android application.

This new process will bring updates for all its users. They won’t have to use plastic credit cards anymore to insert all the data or insert over and over again the 3-digit CVC verification code. An option that not only shortens purchase processes but also increases security.

How will the new Chrome features be?

Chrome’s new bet will give the users the possibility to make payments via biometric authentication. This will allow the users to use the digital fingerprint, the face or even the iris to complete payment methods in the forms.

User biometric data is secure with W3C’s standard WebAuthn. The company indicates that the biometric information will never leave the device. This functionality is already available for Windows and Mac.

When a purchase is made, the browser will ask for the CVC code again. Then, it will ask if for the following transactions you would like to use the biometric authentication. This way, you won’t have to memorize the CVC numbers.

The biometric authentication in Chrome is optional. The user can select the confirmation of their card via CVC or with this new function in the Settings of the browser whenever they want to.

“The functionality will arrive to Android Chrome in the next few weeks but this is only the beginning. We will continue to focus on creating intuitive functionalities that keep everything safe while you sign in and pay in the web. We hope to share more in the future”.

Google Chrome Product Manager and Stan Li, Google Payments Product Manager.

The password’s Autofill is also new

Among the novelties that Google’s browser announced in recent days, we can also find the password’s autofill. This process could be done through the pop-up windows, which makes it possible for users to fill out username and password just by touching the fields.

The mentioned pop-up windows will show all the saved passwords in the device and now with less touches it will be possible to complete them. This functionality is already available for mobile devices, since past July, with the new app update.

Appealing to biometric sensors to complete online payments will save time and energy. Fingerprints, iris or face scans are options that are difficult to hack and easy to use. These make modern life more comfortable.

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