Get to know the top 5 most used apps during quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to social distancing and confine our modern, agitated lives in our homes. There, apart from spending time with family, doing house chores, start sport routines and working from home, there was also more time to be stuck to our mobile devices. In the midst of isolation, the closest we could get to that social life we used to have or to communicate with our loved ones was through a screen. That’s why today we present a top 5 most used apps during quarantine.

Top 5 most used apps during quarantine


Video-calls app Zoom
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The great winner in this quarantine has been the video call app Zoom. The company, created in 2011, surpassed the 123 million downloads in Google Play during this confinement. Its use skyrocketed not only because of the new teleworks but also because of schools, gym classes and even family reunions.

Its interface is easy to use for organizing, programming and obviously videocalls. It allows 100 people to connect with each other online at once. Another popular advantage is that it’s not necessary to register to participate in a reunion: with just the link or an invitation is enough!

Its impact has been such that its market value has tripled in March, according to Financial Times Alphaville.

Follow the links to download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.


App Houseparty
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The true quarantine surprise was Houseparty. When the confinement made us stay at home, this app became ideal. It didn’t only serve as a means of communication; above all it made everyone have great fun.

Trivia question games and who is who, plus you could connect up to 12 friends. All this made Houseparty an authentic diversion during quarantine. According to Carphone Warehouse studies the application had 19 million mentions in social networks during quarantine, with peaks on Wednesday nights at 10pm.

Follow the links to download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.

Тiк Ток

App Tik Tok
Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

The popular Asian network of small videos also earned a place in the top 5 most used apps during quarantine. How many of us hasn’t laughed with one of these videos or shared this platform? Tik Tok came to stay and the pandemic has confirmed it.  

Joining challenges, follow hashtags or just scroll the never-ending feed of videos that last max 60 seconds: everything is pure entertainment in the network that already surpasses the 82 million downloads in Google Play. Good fun for these days of confinement, let’s see how it survives this pandemic streak.

Here the links to download it from Google Play or the Apple Store.


Aplicación WhatsApp
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With nearly 80 million downloads in Google Play, this Facebook messaging service stayed as one of the user’s favourite to communicate either via text messages, phone calls or video calls. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, WhatsApp’s use grew 50% in the months of March and April.

One of the novelties that it implemented was to expand the amount of participants in a videocall from 4 to 8 members and also to limit the forwarded messages. It also collaborated in an active way with the WHO by creating a chatbot to counteract infodemia and the fake news that circulated about the pandemic in social media.  


Facebook app
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In any top list of most used apps during quarantine Facebook will definitely find its spot. The popular social network, created by Mark Zuckerberg, accumulated more that 93 million downloads in Google Play.

Among the new features implemented during the pandemic we can find the new reaction: Care, and the Messenger Rooms that include videoconferences with up to 50 people.

Another important advance was the alliance at the end of April with the Joint Program of Survey Methodology (JPSM) of the University of Maryland (UMD) to conduct a survey about the virus and its propagation throughout the world.

Do you have any of those apps installed? Did they help you make the isolation a little more bearable? Share your experiences with us!!

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