General Data Protection Regulation: all you need to know

The General Data Protection Regulation has become a new reality in the old continent. Europe is leading the way regarding the protection of personal data. In a world where the Big Data explosion has turned people’s information into currency, a regulatory framework is of outmost importance to ensure that citizens enforce certain rights in the online world.

Who accesses your information? When do they do it and under what conditions? DO you have any control over this as a user? The large companies of Silicon Valley began to be plenipotentiaries regarding the use of people’s data. That has to change … and it is happening already.

In order to explain this Law, I will comment not only on the fundamental principles that it stipulates, but also on why FySelf complies with them.

What is the common ground between FySelf and the European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD)?

Principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

1. The Regulation establishes a series of rights to ensure the protection of your data

The RGPD empowers you as an interested party, providing you a series of rights that will serve you to demand about the use and management of your personal data.

In this way, it encourages technology companies to act in a way as to respect our rights as users, these are manifested fundamentally in 4 points.

These rights are:

Right to information

Covered by the Regulation, you can request and obtain understandable information about any type of employment or processing that your data goes through. It is the duty of the companies processing your data, to give you full access to them, the categories of data that they will process, the sources from which they come, the purposes of the treatment that will be carried out, the personnel involved (both directly or indirectly involved and responsible for the treatment of your data as well as the recipients of such analysis of your data) as well as the expected period of conservation of your data.

Right to rectification

You can claim the rectification of your personal data that is reflected inaccurately or incompletely on any website. They must attend your request without delay.

Right of withdrawal

Also called «right to be forgotten», it allows you to claim a complete deletion of your information from the website in question.

Right of opposition

You are fully empowered to oppose the use of your personal information, whether for advertising or not.

FySelf will take care of your data because…

The FySelf platform will provide you with information in the shape of contracts so that you are aware of everything that may happen with your information. It will do so in an understandable way, so that you receive enough information of the scope of your rights and powers of disposal on your own data.

On the other hand, each field will be editable, without losing any validity, so FySelf not only guarantees the right to rectification, it even leaves it in your own hands.

At all times, you can delete the content of a field or move it to the protected status where no one except you will be able to use it.

2. Everything revolves around your consent

A portal specialized in legal information in Spain states that consent in the area of data protection is “any manifestation of free, specific, informed and unequivocal will by which the interested party accepts, either by means of a declaration or a clear affirmative action, the processing of personal data concerning them “.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the person must consent to each use of their personal data, both by the company and third parties who access the data through the company.

How will FySelf work based on your consent?

On this platform, you will always be the owner of your information, you will follow it wherever it goes. You will be a participant even in further treatments that may arise.

One of the great differences from other technological platforms is the possibility of granting a specific privacy status to each profile about you.

Backed by a user-signed contract, the three statuses are:

  • Public (everyone can see the information, and with your consent it will be processed).
  • Private: only you will have access to this data, and it can be processed only after it is impossible to associate that data with your identifying data (identifiers), that is, by separating the information from your identity.
  • Protected (no one, not even FySelf, has the power to use that data, not even for anonymous statistics)

3. Any request of data will have to comply with well-delimited objectives.

Requesting information is an act of trust between the user and the company providing the service. But it has been a common fact that corporations abuse that trust by asking for more data than they really need to deliver what they promise.

Why would a blog where there are no paid subscriptions ask you for your credit card number? Or why would an audio editing app need access to your location?

European regulations stipulate that only the minimum amount of data required to achieve the task is to be requested.

FySelf will take care of your data because…

Each information field that you fill in the platform will be voluntarily granted by you and in your own interest. To register, you will only have to provide an email or a phone number as an identifying value, and even that decision will be your choice. Outside of this identifying value, the rest of the fields will be completely optional.

In fact, if you become a fan of FySelf you will want to include much more information out of your own free will. You will be aware of the monetary and practical benefits that will be proportional to the amount of data that you upload to FySelf.

4. Companies are obliged to secure the data they store from customers, implementing the necessary technical measures.

Once uploaded to the platform, companies that somehow store user information are required by law to ensure their protection, applying all the technical measures available to them to prevent unauthorized access by third parties or security breaches.

How will FySelf secure your information?

It will guarantee reliable servers for its platform and will take all security precautions so that there is no access to your data beyond the conditions specified in the status of each field (Public, Private and Protected).

As a FySelf user, you will have the possibility to protect your information with passwords and other computer protection mechanisms. Among these mechanisms, those applicable to the “Protected” privacy status stand out: in certain circumstances you may encrypt your information with a private key.

Keep in mind that FySelf will only use the information that you provide, for your own benefit. For the first time on a social network, your information will be worth money and you will participate in those profits.

Now that you know the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) in force in Europe, do you think that your information is safe on all social networks? Tell us

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