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Supporting the development of FySelf is a reality thanks to the Sponsorships Program. Our company has a Project for the Development of FySelf 2021 available.  With it, any person can support the platform and that way be an essential part of us, the first Social Identity Network in the world.

Causes that we stand for

Is important to realize that our sponsorship proposal is motivated by global causes that we defend. These are related not just with digital identity and personal data privacy subjects but also with environmental issues.

  • The invisibles. Those people that have no identity.
  • Caring for the planet. This especially has to do with the chopping of trees for the production of paper and the unnecessary costs it generates.  
  • The Zero Waste Movement and the saving of basic resources that this drives.
  • The value of our personal data. That is, how we can manage them and give them their real value.
  • Supporting a social group, like a scientific community, immigrants and sick people, among others.

Types of sponsorships

In FySelf, there are diverse types of sponsorships. Get to know the all and how you can be a part of each.

Economic Sponsorships

Contributing money to the development of FySelf is the essence of these sponsorships. To do so, there are two ways:

  1. Institutional Sponsorships: Made by organizations, governments, NGOs or institutions that give funds for the development of projects. Our platform applies to these sponsorships via the posts of entities that offer them. The terms and conditions are stated in the agreement between both parties.
  2. Direct Sponsorship: offered by natural and legal persons. We are open to summing up sponsorships that can help us grow and develop.

Benefits for direct sponsors

Fyself values all who provide their contribution not just for the platform’s development but also for causes or specific groups. Depending on what you decide to support, we will give you credit in our articles, posts, videos and advertising materials, or any other.  

In addition, the sponsors’ logo will also appear in our website, as well as the complementary FySelf Business website, in which our clients take part.

As sponsors you can also receive:

  • Promotion in all our events.
  • Mentions in press notes and media coverage in both television and other printed ones.
  • Mention of appreciation and recognition at the opening and closing ceremonies of the event.
  • Permanent accreditation in all the events and fairs in which we participate.
  • Invites to participate in Business Rounds.
  • Image in electronic and printed media accompanied by FySelf.
  • Digital ad banners in fairs and expos.
  • Sponsor’s brand ad in credentials and other promotional materials.
  • Sponsor’s brand ad in the website.
  • 50 second promotional video on our website.

Sponsorship categories

According to the economic sponsorships that are given to FySelf, one of these categories is acquired:

  • Diamond Sponsor: Contribution of more than 100 thousand euros, with a benefit period of 5 years.
  • Platinum Sponsor: 50 thousand euros, with a benefit period of 2 year.
  • Gold Sponsor: 10 thousand euros, with a benefit period of 1 year.
  • Silver Sponsor: 5 thousand euros, with a benefit period of 6 months.

Human Sponsorship: Volunteering

This variant of sponsorship is thought out for people or groups that want to be a part of our Volunteering Program. So if you feel identified with our purposes, you are from a related company or a congregation that works for causes that we defend, you can join our platform.

Volunteers are basically included in our user typologies as volunteer Loggers. That is to say, they offer services with the objective of covering all actions that can make the platform grow and in favor of global identification for all.

This type of Sponsorship does not require any monetary contribution, just some work in the FySelf platform or simply in those spaces where the registration of people who do not have an identity is necessary. Some examples of these are: mountains, immigrants, low-resource or underdeveloped countries.

In addition, the volunteer logger takes care of promotional labors of the platform among all the organizations that might need FySelf’s services. To assume this role they must know the Logger’s Manual, as well as the Guide and the contract of the volunteer in the modality of groups of volunteers.

Media support

FySelf is also open to receiving sponsorships from the media. This all with the goal of promoting our growth and motivating people and institutions to join our endeavor.

This type of sponsorship is used to position the platform in communication media, both traditional and digital ones. The sponsor may or may not be the media itself. In both cases the sponsor finances the campaign or the publication’s media coverage.

Ads in local, national and international media, billboards, recording and emitting video announcements, posts in written and digital media are just some of the examples of publicity that a media sponsor could take care of.

We are a growing team and we want to count on you to develop a unique platform that guards our digital identity. Examine our sponsorship options and join FySelf.  

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