Coronavirus Times: 10 Tips on Working from Home (WFH)

In these hard days much have been talked about the concept of Working from Home or distance work in the face of the spread of the new SARSCOV2 Coronavirus, which produces the COVID19 disease.

Today this virus has become a pandemic as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) . This because of its high level of spreading capacity. For this reason maintaining social isolation is a very good practice.

Although it has now boomed, WFH was already quite common for some types of professionals. Of course, not all jobs can be done remotely, but if you are among those who can this post is for you. Today we’d like share some tips so you can feel more productive in your workplace.

1- Dress for a normal day

Don’t stay in your pajama, get dressed, put on some makeup and take on your day with optimism. Believe it or not, this will make you feel good about yourself. It will give you energy and strength to face your daily tasks. Working from home starts right now!

2- Plan your day by tasks

Define a day schedule and segment the time and tasks that you will execute in your day.

Being clear about the time you will dedicate to each task helps you define an order in your head of how you will distribute your time.

3- Delimit your workspace well.

Even if you are at home, you must be very clear about what spaces of it you will use to work. Experts don’t recomend to match the workspace within the same room where you sleep.

4- Use collaborative work tools

There are some platforms that help you create a workspace with your colleagues. We suggest some: as work chats you can use Slack, Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams; as task planning platforms, Trello, Asana, and stand out.

5- Stay in touch with your colleagues.

Working from home is a thousand times better if you have colleagues, who you are in touch with . Communicate frequently with them, let them know exactly what you are working on and encourage them to exchange ideas with you. Sharing a funny story, a meme or making a funny comment really helps to relax tensions and strengthen the human bond of your team.

6- Take short breaks

The very social isolation that we are experiencing these days, makes you feel that your world does not go beyond the four walls of your house. Calm down, it will pass. For the moment, pay attention not to spending long time intervals in a sedentary way or staring.

Respect your usual lunch time, take breaks for light snacks or fruit. It is also great if you do some kind of exercise at home between tasks.

7- Avoid time consuming distractions

Social networks and games on the Internet are inexhaustible sources of entertainment and leisure, if you want your day to be productive, you better keep your distance from them.

8- Stay tuned to the news

Even if you are working at home, you should keep abreast of what is happening around you so that you can take the necessary precautions.

Don’t forget to take all the hygiene measures in your work environment as well as at home (even if they seem the same) 😉

9- Request collaboration from your cohabitants

Coming together in the same space to live and work can be difficult if you live with a child or family member. Talk and make them understand the importance of concentration in the task you are performing and the time you have to complete it.

10- Make sure you meet your daily goals

It is wise to ask yourself these questions: What did I do today? What problems did I have? What am I going to do to solve those problems? If you need to re-plan a task, you will notice it immediately.

We have applied these tips that we share with you today and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable as we do. It would also be a good time to, once everything is back to normal, ask yourself what can you continue doing as work from home, taking advantage of your digital “being” 😉

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