About blockchain and its influencers II

As we all know Blockchain is trending topic today. Nevertheless the reliable and secure tech behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is still generating debates about its reliability and popularity.

Previously in another post we speak about its conceptualization, where we also include the first part of a top 10 of influencers on this topic.

Top Blockchain influencers

The selection of the 10 most influential people in Twitter on blockchain and Bitcoin was a result of a GlobalData analysis. The company highlighted influential metrics as followers, amounts of tweets with those key words, as well as network connections, to determine who were these 10 influencers.

In its study, the company also collected interesting data on the use of microblogging network terms. For example, the word bitcoin was the most debated tendency among influencers during the first trimester; while at an entrepreneurial level the words Coinbase, Blockstream and Microsoft were the most discussed.

In the first part of the list, we had Ryan Selkis, Adam Back, Steven D.Mckie, Joshuwa Roomsburg and Pierre Rochard. Let’s get to know who are the ones that complete this top 10.

6. Changpeng Zhao

changpeng_zhao. Blockchain Influencer.
CZ has over 540k followers on Twitter. Photo: Taken from Bitcoin.es

Known in this world as CZ, founder and CEO of Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange of the world in operation volume, since April 2018. If Changpeng Zhao in Twitter accumulates more than 540 thousand followers, his company has more than a million.

7. Ari Paul

ari_paul. Blockchain Influencer.
Ari Paul is cofounder of BlockTower Capital. Photo: Forbes

With more than 140 thousand followers, Ari Paul is a known investor in the cryptocurrency market. He has a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Paul also has an MBA from the University of Chicago, focused in Economy, entrepreneur, strategic management, econometrics and statistics. He is the CIO and co-founder of BlockTower Capital, well-known cryptography and blockchain investor company.

8. Bruce Fenton

bruce_fenton. Blockchain Influencer.
Fenton is a founding member of the Bitcoin Association. Photo: Twitter

Bruce Fenton is an activist and bitcoin investor. He is also CEO of Chainstone Labs, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation and founding member of the Bitcoin Association, a defense group of this industry. He has over 52 thousand followers in Twitter and since 2013 he has dedicated all his time to the sector.

9. Erik Voorhees

erik_voorhees. Blockchain Influencer.
Erik Voorhees is the creator of ShapeShift.com. Photo: Taken from charitybuzz.com

Nearly closing this top 10 we find Erik Voorhees. This north American has been the creator of various start-ups linked to the cryptocurrency universe. Founded and directed ShapeShift.com, cryptographic platform of self-custody, leader in the market that has been giving to its users total control of their digital assets for 6 years. Currently, Voorhees has over 369 thousand followers on Twitter.

10. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the author of Mastering Bitcoin. Photo: audible.com

The list comes to an end with Andreas M. Antonopoulos, well-known Greek-British author in this sector because of his masterpiece: Mastering Bitcoin. This book was praised by the critics as essential for those starting in the world of blockchain technology. He has also written The Internet of Money 1, 2 & 3 and Mastering Ethereum. He has more than 509 thousand followers on Twitter and is currently writing Mastering Lighting Network.

Leaves, a new option

FySelf is inspired by the Blockchain technology for the management of leaves, a reward that emerges in line with the value of personal data.

Do you want to know more about this topic? Here you will find the information you need.

These 5 names complete the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies’ Influencer top 10 list in Twitter. If you follow other influential voices of the industry let us know by dropping a comment!

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