Australia promotes the concept of smart city

Australia bets on the development of Smart cities. A particularly exceptional step in that direction is the presentation of Smart Cities Standards Roadmap. This is a document created by Standards Australia, that without a doubt will help implement secure, sustainable and smart cities.

The concept of smart city has gradually been positioning itself. As can be seen, Australia has not been left out of this trend. According to recent reports of this country, 21% of local governments are putting the smart city project to the test. Standards Australia’s proposal comes to reinforce those efforts.

What Does Smart Cities Standards Roadmap Present?

In little less than 20 pages, this document has the essential goal of identifying technical problems, prioritizing the development of standards, as well as valuate determine systems in the adoption of international standards.

Standards will be an important part of supporting population growth and the safety of personal data, among other things, as Smart Cities continue to evolve.

Dr. Ian Oppermann, NSW Government Chief Data Scientist and committee Chair of the Smart Cities Reference Group

Recommendations to become a smart city

Basically, the essence of this material are eleven recommendations and the respective governmental objectives to which these suggestions respond.

The document provides a collective Australian look on issues of priority on smart cities and actions that the country can take to develop standards in this topic. In addition, it foresees Australia’s leadership in the development of those standards, both nationally and internationally.

This Roadmap aims to give Australian Governments and other organizations a set of clear and actionable recommendations that will support Australia in developing safe, sustainable and resilient cities and communities.

Adrian O’Connell Chief Executive Officer of Standards Australia, Adrian O’Connell.

The recommendations overall advocate, among other topics, a focus on the citizens, the privacy and well-being; stablish a national Smart Cities Advisory Group (SCAG) to provide strategic advice and coordination; institute a national 5G subcommittee and consider the adoption of city governance standards, especially the ISO 37100 series.

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