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In FySelf we believe in collective and collaborative work. For that reason, we have created the Volunteer Collaborating Logger. Basically, this is an option for all those who feel motivated and want to work with us selflessly. So, get to know more about this category that you can be a part of and contribute to the platform.

Who can be a volunteer?

The Volunteer Collaborating Logger is an user, in this case a person registered in the platform. But first, the person had to accept our Terms and Conditions, our privacy policy and reached a basic level of reputation. This reputation is what allows the system to recognize their digital identity.

After having these basic requisites, you can work voluntarily as a logger even without taking the training course and obtaining the Logger Certificate.

The users can prove that they have the abilities necessary to be a volunteer Logger by studying the Logger’s Activity Manual with an online course.

Like the Idea? Keep reading!

Volunteer Collaborating Loggers’ tasks

As a Volunteer Collaborating Logger, your actions in the platform are done completely free and altruistic. You will do activities that are very similar to those of a Logger but voluntarily. Therefore, the guidelines of your work are to be found in the Logger Manual. Some of these are:

  • Register people in FySelf. Help users who don’t have smartphones, a PC or any other necessary instruments to register.
  • Register people who do not have an ID due to any motive like: living in remote places, not knowing how to read or write, having an advanced age or other limitations that don’t allow them to register by themselves.
  • Promote and advertise among sponsors and donors with the objective of supporting the causes that FySelf stands for.
  • Visiting Clients and promoting the services of the platform and all its benefits for institutions, organizations and companies. These could be done all over the world. Especially, if we take into account that FySelf will be a mean of identification and verification of people’s identities.

Fyself Volunteer duties

To be able to accomplish those tasks and obtain FySelf’s recognition, you as a Volunteer must:

  • Read and consult the Logger’s Activity Manual.
  • Comply and make sure that others act according to the privacy policy of our platform.
  • Assist to the virtual meetings programmed by our team.
  • Check your email regularly and keep interacting with the platform and the notifications that you receive related with the project and your role as a volunteer.
  • Pass your experience to other volunteers
  • Assist to the trainings programmed by our Marketing Area or our Sales Area.
  • Maintain strictest standards of ethics, morals and respect with the people you relate with as a volunteer.
  • Be very careful with your posts, images, chats and any other type of publication in the platform that may affect the development of your activities as a volunteer.
  • Comply with the guidelines and procedures that govern your activity as a volunteer at FySelf.
  • Keep absolute confidentiality of the information acquired during your activities as a volunteer.
  • Communicate accordingly any risk, danger or contingency that you may face during your activities as a volunteer.

Duration and Legal Documents

In order to organize your activity as a Volunteer Collaborating Logger in the platform you must first sign an Agreement. This document’s purpose is essentially to guide your actions as a volunteer in FySelf.

The mentioned legal document between the Volunteer Collaborating Logger and our platform has a minimum time length of one month. Is important to realize that, this is extendable as many time as both parties agree. Therefore it has an open schedule that could be agreed on by both parties too.

By virtue of the agreement as a volunteer you declare that- in addition to knowing our platform- the only motivation you have to sign this document is the development of a philanthropic activity, with no economic motivation and a non-profit drive of any sort.

Likewise, you subscribe your willingness to collaborate for the project in the practices associated with the activity of the loggers, which you have gotten to know through our platform.

Benefits of volunteering

The main benefit of being a Logger is the contribution to the development of this platform, the first social identity network in the world. A network that will offer a unique and secure identity to thousands of people in the world who don’t have one as of today.  

FySelf has a group of causes that we defend. We are not only talking about people without identity but also of a paperless world, the protection of the environment, the Zero Waste Movement and the users’ empowerment regarding the use of their personal data. If any of those resonate with you and your philanthropic interests, you can collaborate with us!

As a result of your work a Volunteer, you will receive a letter of recognition when the agreement comes to an end.

In FySelf we defend volunteer work as one of our strengths. Join our team, defend these causes and become a Volunteer Collaborating Logger

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