Why is a unique identity system necessary (III)

The articulation of a general identity of an individual, with its virtual trail and its level of online reputation, credibility or reliability, it’s a challenge that no platform in the Internet has yet overcome.

In this context (described in post I and II of this series) is basically where creation of FySelf becomes a necessity as the first social identity network of the world.

In FySelf, we give the users of our platform certain attributes. Important to realize that The platform does this with the objective of accomplishing what we have thought out to be our declaration of principles and adding value to our business model.

For this, we have created one basic element: The FySelf Reputation.

What is the FySelf Reputation? How you create it? Who are the main actors in the creation process?

The FySelf User

In FySelf we have created various roles among which we have the User who is crucial to us. The User is, in short, a natural person who can register by themselves. They also can be registered with the assistance of a Logger, that possesses an active account with which they have access to our services.

On the other hand, people that require an assisted registration could be added as special users. In this group we have, then, those who haven’t reached the legal age yet or those who have mental conditions that don’t allow them to act without assistance.

Tutors or legal representatives can do registrations in the name of Special Users. Photo: Madelin Ramirez/FySelf

A Special Users is a user like all the rest here at FySelf. The only difference is that we then know that a third-party, be it their parents, tutors or any other legal representative is the one who will be doing their registration and updates.

FySelf Reputation

Each User will create a FySelf reputation, which is a numeric value that goes from zero to 10 000 points. This is so in order to stimulate each User in their interactions inside the platform.

This reputation is based on three main pillars: information, credibility and reliability.

Information in FySelf

The information in FySelf is but the amount of data that each User has introduced in the profiles related to them. This information is relative to de the person, for instance family, relations, friends or people they know.

Inside that information, you can then find all the elements that make up a person’s identity; be it their tastes, habits, hobbies or other data like biometrics, height, skin color, among others. Information is everything that we are able to gather and complete inside the FySelf profiles.

FySelf Credibility

Credibility in FySelf will be in direct correspondence with the veracity of the data provided by the person. In this case, the community validate their according to the social groups they belong to.

Through the social validation processes and the algorithmic validations, this parameter increases or decreases.

FySelf Reliability

Reliability in FySelf will be given by the certainty a user has when validating other User’s data; be it in our own circle or social community or not.

Therefore, the FySelf Reputation will be the numeric expression of the User’s advance in relation with the amount of information and its veracity and reliability. All this is happens through the interactions inside the platform.

Identity Recognition

To avoid fake accounts, FySelf has made the Identity Recognition available. Here, each User must reach a minimum of reputation to proof that they have not created a fake identity.

The validation process of the information initiates from the moment in which the User completes the data from the profiles published by the admins. This allows the system to verify and grant the Identity Recognition in a few days. At this moment, the User will be able to activate Leht mining and start receiving economic benefits for his activity on the platform.

If you want to know more about FySelf visit our Help Center, where you will find more details on how to interact in our Social Identity Network.

The possibility of a unique and global identity system has arrived. Do you think society is ready for it? If so, join our community!

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