ID4Africa: Annual Conference and LiveCasts

COVID-19, with its travel restrictions and social distancing, has failed to stop endeavors like ID4Africa. The NGO that accompanies the development of digital ID systems for everyone in the African continent, had to postpone its annual conference and decided to promote the LiveCasts program, with the aim of reflecting on identity management in Africa and in the world.

Annual Conference in 2021

The ID4Africa 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) event had to be postponed until next year. This meeting will then take place between October 27-29, 2021 in Marrakech, Morocco.

While we deeply regret not seeing each other face to face in 2020, we have adapted to a hybrid model that is turning a major global disruption into a positive outcome for our Movement. (…). Rest assured that our agenda has not been weakened by COVID-19, if anything, it has been strengthened with even greater relevance than before.

Dr. Joseph J. Atick, ID4Africa Executive President.

ID4Africa was not able to hold the annual conference this year. Despite that it has planned the ID4Africa Virtual Expo for the coming month of November. This meeting, with an innovative design and format, will allow users and those interested in the subject to interact with industry experts on different topics. These basically include cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions in the sector.

LiveCasts: to discover a new Africa

Since last June, ID4Africa launched the virtual programs: LiveCasts. This project gathers experts on the topic to reflect on the identity agenda in Africa and the world. The proposal established a new standard for how webinars should work.

“Our virtual channel provides boundless opportunities to grow our activities and to deepen our engagements and collaborations, while we wait for travel and physical meetings to become possible again “.

Dr. Joseph J. Atick, ID4Africa Executive President.

In the LiveCasts’s official website you can follow the next emissions and get to know more about these live meetings. Meanwhile on the YouTube channel it is possible to see other programs. Next November 5th will be the following program, this time dedicated to Tanzania. Experts and authorities that intervene in the Digital ID process of the African country, alongside Joseph J Atick, will take part in this one.

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