FySelf functionalities (I): Similarities with social networks

FySelf is the world’s first social identity network. To provide a secure and universal identity is our reason for existing. To be close to our users we became a new type of social network. As such, we have functionalities similar to what you can enjoy on other popular platforms.

In this post, you will learn more about those FySelf functionalities that bring us closer to other social networks. However, keep in mind that we work on the idea that Users are the true owners and beneficiaries of their personal data.

Chat with FySelf

Being in contact with friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances is a primary need in these times. Most social networking sites have this popular service. At FySelf, we are no stranger to this need.

Our platform has a chat, through which you can always stay connected and chat in real time with whoever you want.

What can you do in our chat

  • Send private messages
  • Respondent
  • Attach and send files
  • Start group chats
  • View contacts online
  • Know how long a person was active

FySelf functionalities: Discover our Panorama

The news and current affairs feed that networks such as Facebook or Twitter have is also present on FySelf. Our difference is that we have named it Overview. In this space you can keep up to date with everything that your contacts want to share.

The Overview section allows you to discover your contacts´posts and interact with them. There, you can browse and comment. The reactions that we have implemented range from anger or mistrust to joy or fun.

In addition, you also have the option of making your own posts that your contacts can comment on and react to. These can contain text and images. As FySelf protects the privacy rights of the user, in each post you can configure the reach that it has among the platform users.

Create contacts in FySelf

We believe in contact networks as the basis of a collaboration that makes us grow as human beings. Therefore, we have developed the “add contacts” FySelf Functionality. You can use it the classic way in which you do it in Facebook: with a simple request.

As a User, you can send and receive contact requests. It is also possible to discover suggestions of friends or people that you may know or that you can follow, a practice that is usual in other social networking sites. You can also decide when to delete friends.

Add reference contacts

A novelty within the FySelf functionalities related to contacts is: Add reference contacts. These people can validate your data, even when they are in a profile with a «Private» status.

The possibility of having reference contacts contributes to the growth of your reputation within the platform. This is because perhaps there will be a lot of information that you prefer to leave private, but as a user it is convenient for you that, even so, it can be rectified by our social validation system.

Surveys: a world to answer

Like other social networks, on the FySelf platform you can publish Surveys, which are visible by others in the Overview section. There you can see not only those that you share, but also reply to those that your contacts have published. You can also answer those posted by clients.

If you want to be a FySelf Client, we invite you to consult our post about the services and the universe of possibilities that FySelf Business has for you and your company. There you will find information about other types of surveys that will help you grow.

These are some of the functionalities that we share with other social networks. FySelf is the ideal framework for the management of personal data of any individual. Stay connected so you don’t miss any of the launch’s details.

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