Knowing the FySelf Clients

Learn more about FySelf Clients and everything we organize for legal or natural persons who decide to hire our services around the wolrd

November 4th, 2020 by

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  • Open Source: new bet of the European Commission

    Europe advocates the development of Open Source. Know more about a recently approved document that regulates this technological bet.

    November 3rd, 2020 by

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  • Personal data: The user is the sole owner

    You are the owner of your personal data. Learn about three platforms that empower you as the real owner of your information.

    October 29th, 2020 by

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  • ID4Africa: Annual Conference and LiveCasts

    ID4Africa, the NGO that accompanies the development of digital ID systems for all on the African continent, rethought its actions because of COVID-19.

    October 28th, 2020 by

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  • FySelf Services: grant value to your personal data

    Learn about FySelf Services and the way we want to empower the user’s role as the primary owner of all personal information.

    October 27th, 2020 by

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  • FySelf: Phrases that inspire us I

    We share famous phrases that have been a guide and motivation for us. We hope that you will be inspired and become part of our efforts.

    October 23rd, 2020 by

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  • Europe in favor of digital sovereignty

    Europe needs to work for its digital sovereignty. The continent has to promote its own platforms. FySelf is proud to be one of them.

    October 22nd, 2020 by

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  • Estonia and FySelf: Innovation in times of COVID-19

    Estonia is the first digital nation in the world. It is in this European country that our FySelf platform was founded at the beginning of this year.

    October 20th, 2020 by

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  • Phishing: Statistics Q2 2020

    In the online environment, one of the biggest threats are cyber attacks, known as phishing. Find out what it means and how to avoid it.

    October 15th, 2020 by

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  • Volunteers around the world: three experiences

    Volunteers move the world. Learn about three experiences on this subject in which you can take part. Motivation and willingness to do are the formula.

    October 9th, 2020 by

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