10 ways to earn money from home (II)

How to earn money from home? This question is trending topic in times of COVID-19. I talked about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home in the last post, in which I also gave 5 alternatives to earn some profits from the comfort of your home, just using the Internet. These were: Freelance writer, YouTube, community manager, online translations and cryptocurrencies.

Today we continue diving in this intriguing world for you to become independent and autonomous. You, like many others, can become a freelancer if you wish.

Working from home: 5 options

Freelance programmer

A programmer develops apps and programs. Here I comment about excellent platforms where you can find programming offers from home:

  • Toptal: It’s an exclusive network for independent software developers, designers, finance experts, product and project managers.
  • PeoplePerHour: It’s a great platform for independent workers. One of its most popular categories is the tech and programming one. You must complete a profile and its system will pair you with the most adequate projects. You can also search for projects manually and send proposals to win the project.
  • Upwork: It’s a great website for independent workers, with multiple offers, including the ones addressed to programmers. You must complete a profile to be contacted and you also have the option to look through the published projects an option that might interest you.
  • Workana: I mentioned this platform in my last post. It doesn’t only count with a section dedicated specially to web content writing projects, it also has one for freelance programmers.

Audio transcriptions

It consists in writing an audio or video. This means that you listen to an archive and then put it into words.

Transcriptions are an online profession that anyone, with the ability to write fast and a good ear, can develop. Even though there are people specialized in it and that have developed greater skills.

Down here I’ll show you some options:

  • Atexo: It emerged in 2015, it has approximately 200000 independent workers registered that work remotely and that have finished over 400 000 transcriptions.
  • TranscribeYa: You must be available for 6h daily. To register they ask for a proof of writing speed, where you must write 80 words per minute.
  • TranscribeMe: It’s a very renown transcription page in the world. It has a tariff of $20/per hour of audio transcribed.
Hourly rates charged by freelancers
Hourly rates charged by freelancers
Hourly rates charged by freelancers. US$19/hr on average.
Source: Éxito Electrónico.

Online lessons

Are you very good in any subject or specialty? Do you have experience as a teacher? Do you like pedagogy? Then this is the option for you!

You can earn money from home by offering online lessons. I’ll show you two websites that can help you become a distance professor:

  • Remote.co: An excellent website with online teaching job offers. There are options for both certified teachers and students who wish to tutor their classmates part-time. There are also other options to work from home.
  • VIPKid: This is a site to teach English online. You can earn $15-22/h. It’s a platform to teach children. It has 700000 students and 100000 teachers, approximately. You can establish your schedule, without commitment or minimum hours because you’re your own boss.

Consulting or coaching

Do you consider you have enough domain of a topic so as to advice others? This option has a lot in common with the one before. Clients are generally companies or business.

These websites can help you:

  • Aicad Business School: This business school in Madrid published an article in 2016 that tells you how to open your own online entrepreneurial consultancy. Niche and formulas, model and level of involvement, observing the competition…These are just a few elements to take into account.
  • Woki Consulting: You can join this community of Freelance Consultants and offer marketing, finance, taxes and business plans for SMEs or start-ups consultancies.
Make sure that your work environment at home is nice and delimitate the spaces. A computer, Internet and good lighting are keys to develop you work as a freelancer.
Make sure that your work environment at home is nice and delimitate the spaces. A computer, Internet and good lighting are keys to develop you work as a freelancer.
Photo: Manny Pantoja / Unsplash

The value of your personal data

You can also earn money from home with the value of your personal data. At this point is where FySelf can offer you some first-hand aid!

What is this about? Well this young and talented team, with its headquarter in Estonia, that is committed with the environment, is developing a platform that will be the first social identity network.

With it you will not only have a fun tool but you will also win Leaves, a new virtual coin by interacting, sharing any personal info that you wish to make public (like tastes and likes and dislikes or other data that could be useful to third parties), complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You will be able to exchange these leaves for money. Yes! It is exactly as you read it! It will be a completely new platform that will be launched over the next few months. Follow FySelf in its social networks to be up-to-date! #FindYourDigitalSelf

Other tips:

Besides the websites that I have commented for each specialty, I suggest that:

  • You join this channel in Telegram: t.me/Freelancer, where they post many daily offers.  
  • Consult the section Work from home (Trabajar desde casa) from TrabajarporelMundo.org.
  • And of course, create a profile in the most famous professional network in the world, LinkedIn, and search in the job section and activate the alerts that might interest you.

There are many options to earn money from home! No doubts that this is a subject that we must keep investigating in another post. Be discipline, even though you work from home, plan your schedules and always demonstrate that you are an excellent professional

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