Steps to create an account in Ax Payment

How to create the wallet in AX Payments to receive Leht

FySelf is the world’s first social network where you will be able to mine a cryptocurrency: the Leht.

The actions you perform daily in other networks such as posting, inviting friends, taking surveys, reacting to publications, among others, on FySelf will bring you an economic benefit through the Leht, for this, you only have to create your account on and activate mining.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is very important to have a secure and reliable Digital Wallet or e-wallet where, in addition to storing money, you can make transactions with cryptocurrencies. The Leht you earn on FySelf daily will be received in the AX Payments wallet, enabled for this purpose, from which you will be able to exchange them for money or other cryptocurrencies, or send them to your personal wallet(s). Therefore, we show you step by step how to create your wallet in AX Payments in order to enable mining on FySelf once you are a user of the platform.


1- The first step would be to enter FySelf and in the Mining option, select the Exchange button.


2- This takes you directly to the AX Payments page to register. Choose what type of account you are going to create, in this case select “Personal Account” and click on the Next button


3- To fill in the “Basic Information”, enter your First Name and Last Name and click Next.


4- In the “Sensitive Information” option you must check the first option if you are not a politically exposed person, or the second option if you are a politically exposed person or have a close relationship with one of them. Click the Next button


5- Write your e-mail address in both lines in the Contact Information field and click on the Next button.


6- Immediately a window appears informing you that you cannot modify the e-mail address used for registration, click on the Accept button.


7- In the “Security” option type the password, which must meet the requirements shown, confirm the password and then click on the Next button.


8- In the option “Verify Phone”, write the country, in the second line choose the code and write the phone number. You must also read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then click on Done.


9- Once you have received the message with the verification code, type each digit in each of the boxes shown in the window and click on the Accept button.


10- You will then receive a confirmation email with a link. Clicking on it opens the following confirmation.


11-Once you click the OK button, your account will be activated and you will be able to Login.


12- Authenticate with your email and password and click on the Login button.


13- Upon entering you will see several currencies available in your wallet, one of them is the Leht.


14- Double click on the Leht to open the window with all the information. On the right side you will find the “Deposit” button.


15- Once you enter the Deposit option you will see the QR code and below it the wallet address. Copy the wallet address by clicking on the copy icon on the right.


16- This address is the one you need to activate mining in FySelf.


17- Once the wallet is created, go to FySelf and in the Mining option, click on Activate Wallet.


18- It is here where you must copy the address of the AX Payments e-wallet to receive the Leht, you must also insert the email address and select the payment method. Once you have completed all the information, click on the Continue button to make the payment.

Remember that with Leht we give value to our digital identity, don’t miss this opportunity!

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