How to manage a company database?

If you need to connect a series of employees or clients, you will  probably know that there is nothing like having a well-organized company database.

There is a set of tools that can really facilitate that task. But only one will be able to validate with certainty the data about your clients, in addition to organizing and interacting with them.

Company databases: what you have at your disposal today

There are several options to create your company database. Defining the method to use, depends a lot on the manager who is going to interact with that interface, their training or learning capacity.

Microsoft Office package (Excel and Access)

Even if this software is private, Microsoft’s Office suite is one of the most popular options. This is because many people have a basic training with their tools, and learning it is more intuitive.

  • Office is a very widespread software, which has free and online versions (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms).
  • Many people have the tool, because usually it comes installed in their computers and laptops.
  • You must type in the data yourself or import it from formatted files. CSV, .XML, etc.
  • Does not offer contact opportunities with the customer, like a CRM.


CRMs are tools for managing a company’s relationships with customers. The acronym comes from the English term: “Customer Relationship Management”. Such a system helps both small and large companies.

  • Not only has a record of your customers, but performs marketing actions on them
  • Boost your work flow at various stages of the sale: marketing, customer support, retention
  • It usually loads data automatically with respect to the account information provided by the user or their social networks
  • The information you have about the client is limited. After all finding trustworthyl information about people on the Internet is not easy.
  • The relevant data about the person don’t automatically undergo validation. (Example: if a client is registered as Andy, you have no real chance of verifying that his name is Andrew)

Custom management software

For many, the best solution is information provided by an external technical team, as long as its able to adapt as much as possible to the needs of your company.

  • It can be configured perfectly to adapt to the company’s needs
  • They allow to manage the customers of a company, as well as the processes of the company associated with them..
  • There are platforms that allow you to easily create such a instrument, such as ODOO.
  • Requires specialized technical knowledge
  • The costs of management software licenses to be able to use said softwares generate extra expenses to the company.
  • The management of personal data of customers will be done in a decentralized way, so a user, customer of several companies, must provide their data more than once.

A new database for companies: the social identity network

But, companies will benefit even more. Can you imagine having a global database of people to manage the information of your customers or employees? Each field of data on an individual will be validated by a statistical algorithm that works on the information provided by many people.

Other benefits of using this network as a company database

In addition, this social identity network will provide an optimal interface for data management and statistical processing, where your analysts can easily draw trends and rely on trustworthy information about people for decision-making.

Another positive aspect will be its diversity. What fields does your database include today? Name, date of birth, email, gender, credit card… Consider just for a moment to be able to access reliable information on many other aspects of the person: career, family, relationships, hobby, health profile, etc.

You will think: my company owns but the fields it needs. The social identity network also allows you to optimize your requirements, thanks to the creation of packages, as personalized as required.

This is a new form concept: agile to share with other companies and very easy to fill … just with a click!

Would you try a social identity network as a new way to manage your staff? Stay tuned, the future is coming.

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