FySelf Functionalities (II): Novelties of this Network

As part of our concept of social identity network, we have FySelf Functionalities that make our platform unique.

These represent advantages for our users, who will not only find ways to interact on the platform, but also a space that works as a digital identity document. FySelf provides a secure, universal and unique ID that will allow, among other prerogatives, to streamline procedures and empower you as the owner of the value of your personal data.

In a previous post, we commented on some FySelf Features that we share with other social media sites. Now we want to present you with new options that make our platform unique.

We provide a V-card

We already anticipated at the beginning of this article that, as a social identity network, we provide you with a secure identity. Humans often underestimate the negative effect that the absence of an identification document has on the lives of thousands of people.

Under the name of V-card, this is generated with your essential personal data, including name and surname, age, gender. In essence, it is a digital ID that in the future will be useful to identify yourself and also to streamline all kinds of procedures.

Several Profiles for the same User

One of the most unique FySelf Functionalities, you will have an account where you have several profiles. Yes, as you read: we do not provide just one profile, rather several, through which your online identity is built.

FySelf promotes a new concept of profile, different from those prevailing in the rest of social networks. Profiles become the basic structure for uploading personal data, grouping them around a thematic criterion.

As a User you can:

  • Create profiles with personal information
  • Share profiles
  • Configure the privacy of the profiles you complete

Examples of Profiles

The administration of the platform puts at your disposal a series of profiles, such as those related to education or health. It is valid to point out that your reputation on the platform increases as you complete these profiles.


Some profiles available today on FySelf are:

  • Financial profile
  • Sports profile
  • Health profile
  • Skills profile
  • Profile of interests
  • Family profile
  • Education Profile
  • Professional profile
  • (And many more)

A Higher Level in FySelf Features: Packs

We have thought a little beyond the Profiles and created another of FySelf unique Functionalities: the packs. These are made up of fields of various profiles.

Think for a moment how many different institutions request data from you: hospitals, schools, banks, embassies. Different forms, with some basic information that remains the same.

Thanks to features such as Packs, or even the Institutional Registration service that we offer to Clients, FySelf users will get used to delivering any type of form with just a few clicks and validated like never before.

The Packs also allow you to organize your personal information in a unique way. You can also complete a pack template requested or shared by another person or entity. Without a doubt, the way in which an individual shares their personal information takes a 180 degree turn in FySelf, making it easier for the user.

Discovering the Leaves

Never before has a social media site paid you for your personal data. In FySelf, as a User, you earn profits for your personal information and for your interaction in the platform. This is received in the form of Leaves.

But what are the Leaves? They are not exactly cryptocurrencies, but they do take some of its benefits. If you want to know more about the subject, we recommend this article.

Thanks to the activity in the Leaves Fund, these can be exchanged for euros in the near future, once you reach a certain category as a User. This would allow you to participate in the profits obtained from your data.

These are some of FySelf’s Features that make our platform unique. Stay connected with us so you don’t miss any details of the launch of the world’s first social identity network.

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