Estonia and FySelf: Innovation in times of COVID-19

Estonia is the first country that is 100% digital. This is a small European country of little over 1,3 million people. The State, where Skype came to into the world, continuously hoards headlines because of its digital life. And also for the benefits this represent for its citizens.

Data from a digital nation

The digital path of the European country started in 1994, when the first draft of Estonia’s Information Policy Principles appeared. This was a strategic scheme for IT development, ratified by the Parliament four years later.

Estonia is today, according to Wired, “the most advanced digital society in the world”. The country has managed to structure a secure and transparent ecosystem, in which 99% of the government’s services are online.

If all that wasn’t enough, 99% of its residents have an ID Card. This identification card is based on the mandatory ID implemented in 2002. These are regularly used by 70% of them.

Estonia considers itself as a digital society without borders. This is why it launched the e-Residency program in 2014. This allows a citizen of anywhere in the world to be able to create business or manage taxes in Estonia without having to actually live there.

Recently they launched the Digital Nomad Visa for entrepreneurs. This is one of the endeavors that has attracted the most attention. Approved by the Riigikogu on the 10th of June 2020, this is an innovative document in many ways.

The Digital Nomad Visa allows independent entrepreneurs, nomads or tourists to work and do business remotely from Estonia. The collaboration can last from 6 months to up to a year, without residing there.

FySelf: an Estonian company

Our team conceived FySelf motivated by the example of Estonia, the first digital nation in the world. Our company is based in the Baltic country. We work with one main purpose in mind: to be the first social identity network in the world. This is an endeavor from Estonia for the whole world.

The essence of FySelf is to be a reliable and protected source for your personal data. A platform that is both, universal and secure. In this platform, you as a user, are the main owner of the information. Also you decide who you share it with or in which space you make it public.

We have a wide development program that you can also be part of. You can be the Sponsor of one of our causes but also work with us as a Logger or as a Volunteer Collaborating Logger. We believe that team work makes everyone grow, that’s why we are counting with your participation. Get to know more on our causes and join them!

Estonia and FySelf versus COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis has also impulse Estonia’s new endeavors to be a more digital country. Last March, when the sanitary emergency crisis was announced, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications launched the online hackathon Hack the Crisis.

National efforts in times of pandemic

With just a 48h contest, the hackathon generated more than 1000 innovators in 14 different time zones assessed, conceptualized, cleared and perfected various solutions. Organized by Accelerate Estonia, Garage48 and Guaana, Hack the Crisis produced projects like the Suve chatbot, which clears doubts about coronavirus.

In addition, among other efforts to counteract the pandemic from a digital environment, the Patient Portal from Estonia launched a new function in a matter of days. This allowed patients to start their own license because of disease in the system, which helped alleviate the burden of the health personnel.

FySelf: the possibility of a Worldwide Survey

All the people who have or have recovered from COVID-19 have a story to tell. Their personal data and information is processed by many different organizations, some local or regional but other are global, like the World Health Organization.

From FySelf, we have created another alternative to record and give a voice to those affected. Information is power: having specific data about symptoms and sequels of this disease can help us control the epidemic in the future, as well as others that may emerge.

You will soon find out about this Survey, and thus contribute to the worldwide response against coronavirus. Subscribe to our blog and social media to be updated.

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