10 Influencers of Data Privacy

Data privacy is a right that answers to personal control over our data. It’s an indispensable element to guard our intimacy online. This is a field that has created voices worth hearing that have great credibility, are you interested in the topic?

Ten influencers in data privacy that you should follow:

1. Maximiliam Scherms

Better known as Max Schrems. Austrian activist in favour of privacy. He has more than 36K followers on Twitter. According to an article from 2018 in Infobae, this young influencer took Facebook to justice 22 times and won. The source also affirms that way before the scandal of Cambridge Analytica he warned that it transferred personal data to developers of unprotected apps. He analyzed his own account and presented demands for violation of privacy.

Maximiliam Scherms
Source: Official twitter account

2. Jedidiah Bracy

Known as Jed Bracy, he is the editorial director and writer of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). According to his statement on his official Twitter account, he arrived at a decade of work at IAPP last January 2020.

Jedidiah Bracy
Source: Official twitter account

3. Mike Feibus

President and head analysist of FeibusTech, an independent market analyst firm. This firm studies market and technology trends, among other things. Mike is a tech columnist for USA TODAY and CIO Magazine. He has more than 21.9K followers on Twitter where data privacy is a recurring issue in his tweets.

Mike Feibus
Source: Official twitter account

4. Dan Arel

He is a defender of data privacy, with more than 14.6K followers in his Twitter account. He’s an author, journalist and privacy consultant, as his blog referrers. In 2018 he launched ThinkPrivacy, to help users in that sense, as this first phrase on his website says: “It is your data. It’s time you take control”. FySelf, the first social identity network, is in line with this idea. Did you know that he was also a hockey trainer? You can follow him on Reddit, where his karma figures surpass 38 million thanks to his contribution to different communities. He is even more active than privacytoolsIO, privacy and r/thinkprivacy.

Dan Arel
Source: Official twitter account

5. Ann Cavoukian

Yes! You ARE reading correctly! Did you think that the world of data privacy is dominated only by men? Well no, there are also many women who have excelled in this field. Ann is one of them. Recognized as one of the leading experts in the world of privacy, she’s a privacy and freedom lover. Her Twitter account mounts to over 11.5K followers. She’s among the 10 best women in data security and privacy. She’s Executive Director at Global Privacy and Security by Design Center.

Ann Cavoukian
Source: Official twitter account

6. Lukasz Olejnik

He actively engages in making the web a more secure place, as he affirms in his blog. He has a PhD in Computer Science. In addition, he is a prestigious consultant in what data privacy and security concerns.

Lukasz Olejnik
Source: Official twitter account

7. Antonio Grasso

He’s a technology influencer with more than 132K followers on Twitter on his account in English and more than 12.5K on the account in Italian. Privacy has been a recurring topic in his publications. He’s funder and CEO of Digital Business Innovations, which has brought together leading experts in the field of digital transformation.

Antonio Grasso
Source: Official twitter account

8. Filippo Valsorda

He’s a cryptographer with more than 35.9K followers on his Twitter account. He works for Google Go, where he is the leader of the security team. He’s most popular project is mkcert, a simple tool to create reliability certificates at a local level. Does the SSL certificate ring any bells? The one that provides you with a certain level of security and trust over the site that you’re using? Well, mkcert allows its creation.

Filippo Valsorda
Source: Official twitter account

9. Eric Vanderburg

Leader of cybersecurity, data privacy and technology with more than 55.5K followers on Twitter. Senior Vicepresident of Cybersecurity in TCDI, an enterprise commited with security for over three decades ago. He the author of various books on the subject and of diverse specialized publications, and he uses his social media to update on the subject.

Eric Vanderburg
Source: Official twitter account

10. Paul Nemitz

He lives in Brussels. Experienced lawyer and Principal Advisor in the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers of the European Commission. He has been one of the leaders of the General Data Protection Regulation. He already mounts more than 15.7K followers on Twitter.  

Paul Nemitz
Source: Official twitter account

I follow them all! What about you? Which one didn’t you know about? You surely feel more inclined towards some than others. My favourite? Each and everyone one of them has its charm but follow me and you might discover it someday.

Let us know if, like us, you’re a defender of data privacy. Would you add any other influencer to the list?

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